Dr. Battery LHP271 Replacement Notebook Battery for Select HP Envy & Pavilion Laptops

MX59467 LHP271 Replacement Notebook Battery for Select HP Envy & Pavilion Laptops
MX59467 LHP271 Replacement Notebook Battery for Select HP Envy & Pavilion Laptops

Product Info

Dr.Battery's Replacement Battery for Select HP Envy and Pavilion Laptops

Replace your lost or old Laptop Battery with one from Dr.Battery! This replacement Battery is compatible with a wide range of HP Envy and Pavilion Laptops.


  • Works as a replacement Battery, or as a second Battery for select HP Envy and Pavilion Laptops
  • Adding a second Battery allows you to effectively double your Laptop's Battery Life


Designed to replace HP Batteries with these Part Numbers:



Designed to Charge & Power these HP Laptops:

ENVY 13-ab022tu (z6y11pa)
ENVY 13-ad114tu (2sl95pa)
ENVY 13-ad120tx (2sm03pa)
ENVY 13-ad163tu (3pn87pa)
ENVY 14t-u000
ENVY 14t-u100
ENVY 14-u000
ENVY 14-U000-U099
ENVY 14-u001la
ENVY 14-u001tx
ENVY 14-u002tx
ENVY 14-u003la
ENVY 14-u003tx
ENVY 14-u004tx
ENVY 14-u004tx(j6m90pa)
ENVY 14-u005tx
ENVY 14-u006tx
ENVY 14-u007tx (j8b52pa)
ENVY 14-u009tx
ENVY 14-u010tx
ENVY 14-u011tx
ENVY 14-u012tx
ENVY 14-u014tx
ENVY 14-u015tx
ENVY 14-u016tx
ENVY 14-u0xx
ENVY 14-u205tx
ENVY 14-u209tx
ENVY 14-v000-v099
ENVY 14-v0xx
ENVY 15 notebook
ENVY 15-157sa
ENVY 15-k000ew
ENVY 15-k000-k099
ENVY 15-k000ng
ENVY 15-k000nia
ENVY 15-k000nk
ENVY 15-k000nl
ENVY 15-k000nx
ENVY 15-k000st
ENVY 15-k001ea
ENVY 15-k001nc
ENVY 15-k001tu
ENVY 15-k001tx
ENVY 15-k002ne
ENVY 15-k002nl
ENVY 15-k002nx
ENVY 15-k002tx
ENVY 15-k002xx
ENVY 15-k003nia
ENVY 15-k003nk
ENVY 15-k003nl
ENVY 15-k003nx
ENVY 15-k003tx
ENVY 15-k004ne
ENVY 15-k004nf
ENVY 15-k004nl
ENVY 15-k004sv
ENVY 15-k004tx
ENVY 15-k005sv
ENVY 15-k005tx
ENVY 15-k006ng
ENVY 15-k006nl
ENVY 15-k006sv
ENVY 15-k006tx
ENVY 15-k007ne
ENVY 15-k007tx
ENVY 15-k008ne
ENVY 15-k008ng
ENVY 15-k008tx
ENVY 15-k009ne
ENVY 15-k010ne
ENVY 15-k010ng
ENVY 15-k010tx
ENVY 15-k011tx
ENVY 15-k012nr
ENVY 15-k012tx
ENVY 15-k013nl
ENVY 15-k013tx
ENVY 15-k014tx
ENVY 15-k015tx
ENVY 15-k016nr
ENVY 15-k016tx
ENVY 15-k017tx
ENVY 15-k018tx
ENVY 15-k019nr
ENVY 15-k019tx
ENVY 15-k021tx
ENVY 15-k022tx
ENVY 15-k024tx
ENVY 15-k025tx
ENVY 15-k026tx
ENVY 15-k027tx
ENVY 15-k028tx
ENVY 15-k029tx
ENVY 15-k030ng
ENVY 15-k030tx
ENVY 15-k031ng
ENVY 15-k031tx
ENVY 15-k032tx
ENVY 15-k034tx
ENVY 15-k035nd
ENVY 15-k035tx
ENVY 15-k036tx
ENVY 15-k039tu
ENVY 15-k046nd
ENVY 15-k048nd
ENVY 15-k049la
ENVY 15-k050er
ENVY 15-k050la
ENVY 15-k050no
ENVY 15-k050nz
ENVY 15-k050sh
ENVY 15-k050sr
ENVY 15-k051er
ENVY 15-k051no
ENVY 15-k051sr
ENVY 15-k052er
ENVY 15-k052sr
ENVY 15-k053er
ENVY 15-k053sr
ENVY 15-k055no
ENVY 15-k058ca
ENVY 15-k060na
ENVY 15-k060nz
ENVY 15-k061no
ENVY 15-k062no
ENVY 15-k063no
ENVY 15-k065nz
ENVY 15-k066nz
ENVY 15-k067nz
ENVY 15-k069nz
ENVY 15-k070ng
ENVY 15-k071ng
ENVY 15-k072no
ENVY 15-k073ca
ENVY 15-k075er
ENVY 15-k075ng
ENVY 15-k075nz
ENVY 15-k075sr
ENVY 15-k078nz
ENVY 15-k081nr
ENVY 15-k086ng
ENVY 15-k0xx
ENVY 15-k101la
ENVY 15-k102ng
ENVY 15-k103ng
ENVY 15-k103tx(k2n91pa)
ENVY 15-k105tx
ENVY 15-k109nf
ENVY 15-k109TX
ENVY 15-k110TX
ENVY 15-k111nf
ENVY 15-k111nl
ENVY 15-k112nl
ENVY 15-k113nl
ENVY 15-k115nf
ENVY 15-k118nr
ENVY 15-k153nr
ENVY 15-k191nf
ENVY 15-k200
ENVY 15-k201
ENVY 15-k201nt
ENVY 15-k201tx (k8u27pa)
ENVY 15-k204tx
ENVY 15-k207nx
ENVY 15-k210tx
ENVY 15-k214tx
ENVY 15-k217tx
ENVY 15-k222tx (l1l33pa)
ENVY 15-k225nf
ENVY 15-k232tx
ENVY 15-k235tx
ENVY 15-k238tx
ENVY 15-k242tx
ENVY 15-k251nq
ENVY 15-k252nm
ENVY 15-p084ca
ENVY 15t-k000
ENVY 15t-k100
ENVY 15t-v000
ENVY 15-x000-x099
ENVY 15-x0xx
ENVY 17-k000
ENVY 17-k073ca
ENVY 17-k100nl
ENVY 17-k100no
ENVY 17-k101no
ENVY 17-k102ng
ENVY 17-k104ng
ENVY 17-k112nl
ENVY 17-k118nr
ENVY 17-k141nd
ENVY 17-k170no
ENVY 17-k181ng
ENVY 17-k188nz
ENVY 17-k197nz
ENVY 17-k207tx
ENVY 17-k211tx
ENVY 17-k215tx
ENVY 17-k218tx
ENVY 17-k253ur
ENVY 17-x000-x099
ENVY 17-x0xx
Pavilion 14t-v000 CTO
Pavilion 14t-v100 CTO
Pavilion 14t-v200 CTO
Pavilion 14-v001tu
Pavilion 14-v001tx
Pavilion 14-v002la
Pavilion 14-v002tu
Pavilion 14-v002tx
Pavilion 14-v003la
Pavilion 14-v003tu
Pavilion 14-v003tx
Pavilion 14-v004tu
Pavilion 14-v004tx Pavilion 14-v005la
Pavilion 14-v005tx
Pavilion 14-v006la
Pavilion 14-v006tu (j2d19pa)
Pavilion 14-v006tx
Pavilion 14-v007la
Pavilion 14-v007tu
Pavilion 14-v007tx
Pavilion 14-v008tx
Pavilion 14-v009la
Pavilion 14-v009tu
Pavilion 14-v009tx
Pavilion 14-v010tu
Pavilion 14-v010tx
Pavilion 14-v011tu
Pavilion 14-v011tx
Pavilion 14-v012tx
Pavilion 14-v013la
Pavilion 14-v013tx
Pavilion 14-v014la
Pavilion 14-v014tu
Pavilion 14-v014tx
Pavilion 14-v014tx (j2d08pa)
Pavilion 14-v015a
Pavilion 14-v015tu
Pavilion 14-v015tx
Pavilion 14-v016la
Pavilion 14-v016tu
Pavilion 14-v016tx
Pavilion 14-v017tu
Pavilion 14-v017tx
Pavilion 14-v018tu
Pavilion 14-v018tx
Pavilion 14-v019tu
Pavilion 14-v019tx
Pavilion 14-v020tu
Pavilion 14-v020tx
Pavilion 14-v021tu
Pavilion 14-v022tu
Pavilion 14-v023tu
Pavilion 14-v023tx
Pavilion 14-v024ca
Pavilion 14-v024tu
Pavilion 14-v024tx
Pavilion 14-v025tu
Pavilion 14-v025tx
Pavilion 14-v025tx (j2d22pa)
Pavilion 14-v026tu
Pavilion 14-v026tx
Pavilion 14-v027tu
Pavilion 14-v028tu
Pavilion 14-v028tx
Pavilion 14-v029tu
Pavilion 14-v030tu
Pavilion 14-v033tx
Pavilion 14-v034tx
Pavilion 14-v035tx
Pavilion 14-v036tx
Pavilion 14-v037tx
Pavilion 14-v038ca
Pavilion 14-v039tx
Pavilion 14-v040tx
Pavilion 14-v041tx
Pavilion 14-v042tx
Pavilion 14-v043tx
Pavilion 14-v044tx
Pavilion 14-v045tx
Pavilion 14-v045tx (j6l59pa)
Pavilion 14-v046tx
Pavilion 14-v047tx
Pavilion 14-v048ca
Pavilion 14-v048tx
Pavilion 14-v049tx
Pavilion 14-v050tx
Pavilion 14-v051tx
Pavilion 14-v052tx
Pavilion 14-v053tx
Pavilion 14-v054ca
Pavilion 14-v054tx
Pavilion 14-v055tx
Pavilion 14-v056tx
Pavilion 14-v058tx
Pavilion 14-v059tx
Pavilion 14-v060br
Pavilion 14-v060tx
Pavilion 14-v061br
Pavilion 14-v061tx
Pavilion 14-v062br
Pavilion 14-v062us
Pavilion 14-v063br
Pavilion 14-v063us
Pavilion 14-v064br
Pavilion 14-v065br
Pavilion 14-v066br
Pavilion 14-v067br
Pavilion 14-v100
Pavilion 14-v101tx
Pavilion 14-v102tx
Pavilion 14-v103tx
Pavilion 14-v106tx
Pavilion 14-v108tx
Pavilion 14-v110la
Pavilion 14-v112la
Pavilion 14-v121la
Pavilion 14-v124ca
Pavilion 14-v134ca
Pavilion 14-v138ca
Pavilion 14-v140la
Pavilion 14-v148ca
Pavilion 14-v150la
Pavilion 14-v152xx
Pavilion 14-v168nr
Pavilion 14-v201tu
Pavilion 14-v201tx
Pavilion 14-v202tu
Pavilion 14-v202tx
Pavilion 14-v203la
Pavilion 14-v203tu
Pavilion 14-v203tx
Pavilion 14-v204la
Pavilion 14-v204tu
Pavilion 14-v204tx
Pavilion 14-v205tu
Pavilion 14-v205tx
Pavilion 14-v206tx
Pavilion 14-v207tx
Pavilion 14-v208la
Pavilion 14-v208tx
Pavilion 14-v209tx
Pavilion 14-v210tx
Pavilion 14-v211tx
Pavilion 14-v212tu
Pavilion 14-v212tx
Pavilion 14-v213tu
Pavilion 14-v214tu
Pavilion 14-v214tx
Pavilion 14-v215tu
Pavilion 14-v216tx
Pavilion 14-v217tu
Pavilion 14-v217tx
Pavilion 14-v218tu
Pavilion 14-v218tx
Pavilion 14-v219tx
Pavilion 14-v220tu
Pavilion 14-v220tx
Pavilion 14-v221tx
Pavilion 14-v222tu
Pavilion 14-v222tx
Pavilion 14-v223tx
Pavilion 14-v224tx
Pavilion 14-v225tx
Pavilion 14-v226tx
Pavilion 14-v227tx
Pavilion 14-v228tx
Pavilion 14-v229tx
Pavilion 14-v230tx
Pavilion 14-v231tx
Pavilion 14-v232tx
Pavilion 14-v233tx
Pavilion 14-v234tx
Pavilion 14-v235tx
Pavilion 14-v236tx
Pavilion 14-v237tx
Pavilion 14-v238tx
Pavilion 14-v239tx
Pavilion 14-v240tx
Pavilion 14-v241tx
Pavilion 14-v242tx
Pavilion 14-v243tx
Pavilion 14-v244tx
Pavilion 14-v245tx
Pavilion 14-v246tx
Pavilion 14-v247tx
Pavilion 14-v250tx
Pavilion 14-v251tx
Pavilion 14z-v000 CTO
Pavilion 15
Pavilion 15 notebook pc
Pavilion 15 p289sa
Pavilion 15-15-ab254ng
Pavilion 15-ab150
Pavilion 15-n058ss
Pavilion 15-p000
Pavilion 15-p000 cto
Pavilion 15-p000ej
Pavilion 15-p000ne
Pavilion 15-p000nf
Pavilion 15-p000ni
Pavilion 15-p000nia
Pavilion 15-p000ns
Pavilion 15-p000nx
Pavilion 15-p000-p099
Pavilion 15-p000sh
Pavilion 15-p000sq
Pavilion 15-p000sr
Pavilion 15-p000su
Pavilion 15-p001au
Pavilion 15-p001ax
Pavilion 15-p001ej
Pavilion 15-p001er
Pavilion 15-p001la
Pavilion 15-p001na
Pavilion 15-p001sh
Pavilion 15-p001sr
Pavilion 15-p001tx
Pavilion 15-p002au
Pavilion 15-p002ax
Pavilion 15-p002ej
Pavilion 15-p002la
Pavilion 15-p002na
Pavilion 15-p002nia
Pavilion 15-p002nk
Pavilion 15-p002nl
Pavilion 15-p002np
Pavilion 15-p002nr
Pavilion 15-p002ns
Pavilion 15-p002sr
Pavilion 15-p002st
Pavilion 15-p002tu
Pavilion 15-p003au
Pavilion 15-p003ax
Pavilion 15-p003er
Pavilion 15-p003la
Pavilion 15-p003na
Pavilion 15-p003ne
Pavilion 15-p003nl
Pavilion 15-p003np
Pavilion 15-p003nx
Pavilion 15-p003sr
Pavilion 15-p003tu
Pavilion 15-p003tx
Pavilion 15-p004au
Pavilion 15-p004ax
Pavilion 15-p004er
Pavilion 15-p004la
Pavilion 15-p004na
Pavilion 15-p004nf
Pavilion 15-p004nia
Pavilion 15-p004nx
Pavilion 15-p004sr
Pavilion 15-p004tu
Pavilion 15-p004tx
Pavilion 15-p005ax
Pavilion 15-p005ej
Pavilion 15-p005na
Pavilion 15-p005nc
Pavilion 15-p005nf
Pavilion 15-p005ng
Pavilion 15-p005nia
Pavilion 15-p005nk
Pavilion 15-p005ns
Pavilion 15-p005nx
Pavilion 15-p005sr
Pavilion 15-p005st
Pavilion 15-p005tu
Pavilion 15-p005tx
Pavilion 15-p006ax
Pavilion 15-p006er
Pavilion 15-p006la
Pavilion 15-p006nf
Pavilion 15-p006nia
Pavilion 15-p006nk
Pavilion 15-p006ns
Pavilion 15-p006nx
Pavilion 15-p006sr
Pavilion 15-p006sv
Pavilion 15-p006tu
Pavilion 15-p006tx
Pavilion 15-p007au
Pavilion 15-p007ej
Pavilion 15-p007er
Pavilion 15-p007na
Pavilion 15-p007ne
Pavilion 15-p007nf
Pavilion 15-p007ng
Pavilion 15-p007nk
Pavilion 15-p007no
Pavilion 15-p007ns
Pavilion 15-p007nx
Pavilion 15-p007nz
Pavilion 15-p007sr
Pavilion 15-p007tu
Pavilion 15-p007tx
Pavilion 15-p008au
Pavilion 15-p008er
Pavilion 15-p008nf
Pavilion 15-p008ng
Pavilion 15-p008no
Pavilion 15-p008ns
Pavilion 15-p008nx
Pavilion 15-p008sr
Pavilion 15-p008tu
Pavilion 15-p008tx
Pavilion 15-p009ax
Pavilion 15-p009er
Pavilion 15-p009na
Pavilion 15-p009ne
Pavilion 15-p009ng
Pavilion 15-p009nk
Pavilion 15-p009ns
Pavilion 15-p009si
Pavilion 15-p009sr
Pavilion 15-p009st
Pavilion 15-p009tu
Pavilion 15-p009tx
Pavilion 15-p010au
Pavilion 15-p010ax
Pavilion 15-p010dx
Pavilion 15-p010ej
Pavilion 15-p010la
Pavilion 15-p010nm
Pavilion 15-p010ns
Pavilion 15-p010nz
Pavilion 15-p010si
Pavilion 15-p010sq
Pavilion 15-p010sr
Pavilion 15-p010tx
Pavilion 15-p010us
Pavilion 15-p011au
Pavilion 15-p011na
Pavilion 15-p011nf
Pavilion 15-p011nr
Pavilion 15-p011ns
Pavilion 15-p011si
Pavilion 15-p011st
Pavilion 15-p011sv
Pavilion 15-p011tu
Pavilion 15-p011tx
Pavilion 15-p012au
Pavilion 15-p012ax
Pavilion 15-p012na
Pavilion 15-p012ne
Pavilion 15-p012nf
Pavilion 15-p012ng
Pavilion 15-p012no
Pavilion 15-p012ns
Pavilion 15-p012si
Pavilion 15-p012st
Pavilion 15-p012tx
Pavilion 15-p013au
Pavilion 15-p013ax
Pavilion 15-p013na
Pavilion 15-p013nl
Pavilion 15-p013no
Pavilion 15-p013si
Pavilion 15-p013sv
Pavilion 15-p013tu
Pavilion 15-p013tx
Pavilion 15-p014au
Pavilion 15-p014ax
Pavilion 15-p014ns
Pavilion 15-p014si
Pavilion 15-p014st
Pavilion 15-p014tu
Pavilion 15-p014tx
Pavilion 15-p015ax
Pavilion 15-p015nf
Pavilion 15-p015nk
Pavilion 15-p015ns
Pavilion 15-p015st
Pavilion 15-p015sv
Pavilion 15-p015sw
Pavilion 15-p015tx
Pavilion 15-p016au
Pavilion 15-p016ax
Pavilion 15-p016nf
Pavilion 15-p016nl
Pavilion 15-p016nz
Pavilion 15-p016tu
Pavilion 15-p017au
Pavilion 15-p017ax
Pavilion 15-p017nf
Pavilion 15-p017nk
Pavilion 15-p017st
Pavilion 15-p017tu
Pavilion 15-p018au
Pavilion 15-p018na
Pavilion 15-p018nk
Pavilion 15-p018nz
Pavilion 15-p018st
Pavilion 15-p018sv
Pavilion 15-p018tu
Pavilion 15-p018tx
Pavilion 15-p019au
Pavilion 15-p019ng
Pavilion 15-p019st
Pavilion 15-p019tx
Pavilion 15-p020au
Pavilion 15-p020ca
Pavilion 15-p020nc
Pavilion 15-p020nd
Pavilion 15-p020ng
Pavilion 15-p020nx
Pavilion 15-p020sw
Pavilion 15-p020tx
Pavilion 15-p020us
Pavilion 15-p021ca
Pavilion 15-p021cy
Pavilion 15-p021nr
Pavilion 15-p021tu
Pavilion 15-p021tx
Pavilion 15-p022ca
Pavilion 15-p022cy
Pavilion 15-p022na
Pavilion 15-p022ne
Pavilion 15-p022nk
Pavilion 15-p022nr
Pavilion 15-p022tu
Pavilion 15-p022tx
Pavilion 15-p023cy
Pavilion 15-p023na
Pavilion 15-p023nr
Pavilion 15-p023tu
Pavilion 15-p023tx
Pavilion 15-p024ax
Pavilion 15-p024cy
Pavilion 15-p024na
Pavilion 15-p024nr
Pavilion 15-p024tu
Pavilion 15-p024tx
Pavilion 15-p025ax
Pavilion 15-p025na
Pavilion 15-p025nf
Pavilion 15-p025ng
Pavilion 15-p025nz
Pavilion 15-p025sr
Pavilion 15-p025sw
Pavilion 15-p025tu
Pavilion 15-p025tx
Pavilion 15-p026ax
Pavilion 15-p026cy
Pavilion 15-p026ne
Pavilion 15-p026nf
Pavilion 15-p026nr
Pavilion 15-p026tu
Pavilion 15-p026tx
Pavilion 15-p027cy
Pavilion 15-p027ne
Pavilion 15-p027nf
Pavilion 15-p027nr
Pavilion 15-p027tx
Pavilion 15-p028cy
Pavilion 15-p028er
Pavilion 15-p028ne
Pavilion 15-p028nf
Pavilion 15-p028nr
Pavilion 15-p028sr
Pavilion 15-p028tu
Pavilion 15-p028tx
Pavilion 15-p029ca
Pavilion 15-p029cy
Pavilion 15-p029er
Pavilion 15-p029ne
Pavilion 15-p029nf
Pavilion 15-p029nr
Pavilion 15-p029sr
Pavilion 15-p029tu
Pavilion 15-p029tx
Pavilion 15-p030ne
Pavilion 15-p030nf
Pavilion 15-p030ng
Pavilion 15-p030nl
Pavilion 15-p030nr
Pavilion 15-p030ns
Pavilion 15-p030nz
Pavilion 15-p030st
Pavilion 15-p030sw
Pavilion 15-p030tu
Pavilion 15-p030tx
Pavilion 15-p031ax
Pavilion 15-p031cy
Pavilion 15-p031er
Pavilion 15-p031na
Pavilion 15-p031nf
Pavilion 15-p031ng
Pavilion 15-p031nl
Pavilion 15-p031ns
Pavilion 15-p031sr
Pavilion 15-p031st
Pavilion 15-p031tx
Pavilion 15-p032ax
Pavilion 15-p032cy
Pavilion 15-p032er
Pavilion 15-p032na
Pavilion 15-p032nd
Pavilion 15-p032nf
Pavilion 15-p032ns
Pavilion 15-p032tx
Pavilion 15-p033ax
Pavilion 15-p033ca
Pavilion 15-p033cl
Pavilion 15-p033cy
Pavilion 15-p033nf
Pavilion 15-p033nl
Pavilion 15-p033no
Pavilion 15-p033ns
Pavilion 15-p033tx
Pavilion 15-p034ax
Pavilion 15-p034cy
Pavilion 15-p034ne
Pavilion 15-p034nf
Pavilion 15-p034nl
Pavilion 15-p034nz
Pavilion 15-p034sr
Pavilion 15-p034tu
Pavilion 15-p034tx
Pavilion 15-p034tx (j2c74pa)
Pavilion 15-p035ax
Pavilion 15-p035cy
Pavilion 15-p035nd
Pavilion 15-p035ne
Pavilion 15-p035nf
Pavilion 15-p035tu
Pavilion 15-p035tx
Pavilion 15-p036cy
Pavilion 15-p036ne
Pavilion 15-p036nf
Pavilion 15-p036tu
Pavilion 15-p036tx
Pavilion 15-p037ax
Pavilion 15-p037cl
Pavilion 15-p037cy
Pavilion 15-p037ne
Pavilion 15-p037nf
Pavilion 15-p037nl
Pavilion 15-p037tu
Pavilion 15-p038ax
Pavilion 15-p038na
Pavilion 15-p038ne
Pavilion 15-p038nf
Pavilion 15-p038tu
Pavilion 15-p038tx
Pavilion 15-p038tx (j2c86pa)
Pavilion 15-p039ax
Pavilion 15-p039ne
Pavilion 15-p039nf
Pavilion 15-p039no
Pavilion 15-p039tu
Pavilion 15-p039tx
Pavilion 15-p040ne
Pavilion 15-p040nl
Pavilion 15-p040sw
Pavilion 15-p040tu
Pavilion 15-p040tx
Pavilion 15-p041ax
Pavilion 15-p041nb
Pavilion 15-p041nl
Pavilion 15-p041no
Pavilion 15-p041nr
Pavilion 15-p041tu
Pavilion 15-p041tx
Pavilion 15-p042ax
Pavilion 15-p042nb
Pavilion 15-p042nd
Pavilion 15-p042no
Pavilion 15-p042nr
Pavilion 15-p042tu
Pavilion 15-p043ax
Pavilion 15-p043cl
Pavilion 15-p043na
Pavilion 15-p043nl
Pavilion 15-p043no
Pavilion 15-p043nr
Pavilion 15-p043tu
Pavilion 15-p044ax
Pavilion 15-p044no
Pavilion 15-p044nr
Pavilion 15-p044nz
Pavilion 15-p044tu
Pavilion 15-p045nb
Pavilion 15-p045nd
Pavilion 15-p045ne
Pavilion 15-p045no
Pavilion 15-p045nr
Pavilion 15-p045tx
Pavilion 15-p046na
Pavilion 15-p046nb
Pavilion 15-p046ne
Pavilion 15-p046nl
Pavilion 15-p046no
Pavilion 15-p046nr
Pavilion 15-p046nz
Pavilion 15-p046tu
Pavilion 15-p047na
Pavilion 15-p047nb
Pavilion 15-p047ne
Pavilion 15-p047nf
Pavilion 15-p047nl
Pavilion 15-p047no
Pavilion 15-p047nr
Pavilion 15-p047tu
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Make and Model Dr.Battery LHP271 Replacement Notebook Battery
Color Black
Cell Type Conventional Li-Ion
Battery Output 14.8Vdc @ 2200mAh
Total Capacity 33Wh
Dimensions N/A
Weight N/A

Package Contents

  • 1x Dr.Battery LHP271 Replacement Battery