Razer Mamba Chroma RGB Ergonomic Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse

MX59122 Mamba Chroma RGB Ergonomic Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse
MX59122 Mamba Chroma RGB Ergonomic Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse   MX59122 Mamba Chroma RGB Ergonomic Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse   MX59122 Mamba Chroma RGB Ergonomic Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse   MX59122 Mamba Chroma RGB Ergonomic Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Buy something else!

Submitted on Monday, June 19, 2017
By Kyle
From Calgary SW

Strengths of the product

It was really responsive for about a month.

Weaknesses of the product

This mouse has so many flaws I don't know where to start. Had inconsistent laser problems within 12 weeks of purchase. In other words if it doesn't happen when you take it in for warranty then there is no problem. The mouse is too light and feels extremely cheap in my hand. Did not work consistently with either gaming mat I have including the razer one, I had to use a crappy plain one to get the laser to work properly.

Additional Comments

Buy a Corsair / ASUS / Rocco for less and you will be much happier. I prefer the 60$ mouse i have at work more than this.

Waste of time & money - buy the Orochi

Submitted on Tuesday, February 21, 2017
By Anonymoose
From Edmonton

Strengths of the product

very high resolution & refresh

Weaknesses of the product

gimmicky coloured lights pointless docking station 2.4ghz transmitter absurd price

Additional Comments

Plenty of reviews on the web pan this mouse as being poor reliability. Maybe that's because it's so bleeding-edge? Who knows, but definitely stay away for plenty of other reasons. Who wants a docking station for a MOUSE? If it's supposed to be usable wirelessly, the only reason for this is to show off that you spent $200 on a MOUSE. The Orochi bluetooth mouse is half the price, works reliably via USB or your built-in Bluetooth chipset and doesn't need a dock.

Buy Corsair instead!!!

Submitted on Tuesday, February 07, 2017
By kyle
From calgary

Strengths of the product

Mouse worked for 4 months.

Weaknesses of the product

At the 4 month point it started to have major issues with the sensor. It would work and then just stop working and then it wouldn't go up or down. This is using a clean razer vespa mouse pad. I took it back for warranty and because it's intermittent they will tell you there is nothing wrong with it. Even though it is clearly unusable if it doesn't work for more than 20 minutes. So if you want a useless piece of plastic this is the way to go.

Additional Comments

Stay away from all Razer mice! This was my 3rd and so far not one has lasted 6 months and eachone has had the warranty denied by Memory express! Every time the issue is the same, garbage laser/optical sensor that stops working shortly after buying, but is an intermittent problem so it works fine when you bring it in............................... I went back to my Corsair which is 65% cheaper and works all the time, what a novel idea.....

Gold or Fools gold? you decide

Submitted on Tuesday, October 04, 2016
By Maysin
From Edmonton

Strengths of the product

incredibly responsive Fast to charge Lots of features Mouse DPI options are best in class (looking at you Logitech) Looks awesome, feels awesome Clickforce is a feature you gotta try for yourself.

Weaknesses of the product

Bit heavy on the back side Transmitter needs to be really close (few feet) Try to avoid 2.4ghz products in your home Not enough Cache memory in Synapse/ Mamba for a slue of color options Recommend soft mouse pads only Wireless hiccups do happen

Additional Comments

If you're shopping for that pro-gaming AAA grade, this isn't a mouse for you. Everyone else is game
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