Papago External GPS Antenna for GoSafe Dashcams

MX59001 External GPS Antenna for GoSafe Dashcams
MX59001 External GPS Antenna for GoSafe Dashcams

Product Info

Accurate GPS


Add this optional GPS Antenna to select PAPAGO Dashcams to add GPS data to your in vehicle recordings.

The PAPAGO! GPS Antenna is a high sensitivity satellite positioning receiver. Guaranteed to trace your activity precisely and fast.

Compact Size with Quick Installation


Simply run the 14.5 foot long cord across your headliner and place the GPS antenna on your dashboard. Easy and quick installation without any extra wires hanging.


Footage Shows Important Data


Stamp all your videos with accurate coordinates, date, time, and model number. Have the exact proof you need when you need it.

Connect to a Satellite Within Seconds

You can connect to a satellite within 35 seconds after a cold boot up thanks to the latest satellite receiver chip that is installed in this GPS antenna.


Designed to work with these PAPAGO Dashcams:

  • GoSafe 118
  • GoSafe 200
  • GoSafe 260
  • GoSafe 372
  • GoSafe 381


Model Papago GPS Antenna
Part Number GPSA-US
Application Adds GPS Location Tagging to select PAPAGO Dashcams
Channels 65
Sensitivity -165dBm
Data Transfer 9600 bps
Data Output GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG
Velocity Sensitivity 0.1m per second
Acceleration Up to 4G
Maximum Speed Up to 515m per second
Startup Hot: ~2 seconds
Warm: 32 seconds or less
Cold: 35 seconds of less
Temperature Operating: -40 ~ 85° C
Storage: -40 ~ 100° C
Dimensions GPS Module: 50.8 x 38.1 x 20.3mm
Weight 60.5g