ALLSOP Mouse Pad Pro, Black

MX5833 Mouse Pad Pro, Black
MX5833 Mouse Pad Pro, Black

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NASA has brought us lots of cool stuff: a greater perspective of our place in the universe, a national unity based around a trip to the Moon, Tang... the list goes on.

Memory Foam, or visco elastic, is one of the technologies developed by NASA that is now available to us. Best known in the form of mattresses and pillows, Allsop has brought memory foam to your office in the form of a Mouse Pad.

The Mouse Pad Pro is designed with a raised wrist rest and a large round mousing area. The wrist rest keeps your hand and wrist in a more natural position while using your mouse. The memory foam conforms and adjusts to the contours of your wrist to relieve stress on pressure points. And it retains body heat to improve blood circulation. If you’ve heard anything about ergonomics, these features mean a lot to you. If you’ve never heard of ergonomics, these features will mean a lot when you do.

To put it simply, the Mouse Pad Pro is the sort of Mouse Pad that once you’ve had it, you'll miss it if it’s gone.


- A no-nonsense mouse pad that won't clash with your office furniture
- Round mousing area is more efficient use of desk space
- Helps prevent repetitive stress disorders
- Ensures precise mousing and improves cursor response


Model: 28465
Color: Black
Image: N/A
Surface: Soft Top
Wrist Pad: Yes