ALLSOP Hard Top Mouse Pad, Mercury Blue

MX5826 Hard Top Mouse Pad, Mercury Blue
MX5826 Hard Top Mouse Pad, Mercury Blue

Product Info

This Mouse Pad looks like something you’d see through a microscope or in one of the Terminator movies. The droplets of mercury on a blue and black background make for a cool look at nature with a techie spin. Kind of like that green, pulsating lump of leftovers in the back of the fridge.

But this pad’s not just a pretty face! It has a rigid textured surface to provide traction for your roller ball mouse and fine tracking points for your optical mouse. And it’s kind of hard to describe, but the hard surface gives you a gliding sensation in your movements.

Plus, these pads are easy to clean. Sweat and oil from your hands, dust and hair, Doritos crumbs, will all end up on your Mouse Pad. But this surface won’t absorb water. So just wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Voila.


- Make your home office computer station interesting and unique
- Specially designed surface to reduce static and dust build up
- Techgrip base won't slide around your desk
- Hard surface is easy to clean


Model: 28242
Color: Blue
Image: Mercury
Surface: Hard Top
Wrist Pad: N/A