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  • MX58011 Define S Full ATX Case, Black
  • MX58011 Define S Full ATX Case, Black
  • MX58011 Define S Full ATX Case, Black
  • MX58011 Define S Full ATX Case, Black

Fractal Design

Define S Full ATX Case, Black

From 2 Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: With 2 Customer Reviews

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Clean design, tons of cooling options, with one small caveat

1/6/2016 4:41:35 PM
Ian from Calgary writes:
There are plenty of cutouts around the motherboard to route power and I/O connectors, making cable management a breeze. The case has a unique way of mounting hard drives which minimizes cable clutter in the main compartment for good airflow. The case is well-dampened against vibration in all the right places, and the optional vent covers help to reduce noise and dust build-up. Air filters are included for the front and bottom vents. Nice, minimalist appearance.
Right out of the box, the front (top) I/O connectors seemed to be warped or out of alignment - it takes significant force to insert USB devices or headphones into the ports and audio jacks. The ports DO work properly, but this may be annoying for users who use this panel frequently to attach/detach USB devices.
Note that this case has no 5.25" optical bays. This shouldn't be a problem for most people, since it's 2016 and folks have generally moved past CD/DVD media by this point.

Great design, BUT

11/11/2015 4:45:00 PM
Blair from Vancouver writes:
This is a great case to look at (I'm into the simplicity), and it's absolutely silent. Though it's meant for people doing water cooling, I've got air cooling going and it's great. Having all that extra space without the HD cage is really quite glorious. Setup was fairly easy, and there are lots of spaces for cable routing, although it could do with a touch more space on the back side of the mobo. This has a very clever design feature for mounting HDs, though no more than three.
That clever design feature for mounting the HDs means that the plate behind the mobo, when the mobo ends, has a diagonal, and then the HDs are mounted on the backside. Kinda like this -> mobo¯¯\__HDs . It's hard to explain - look for a photo somewhere. Anyhow, the point is that it doesn't allow for sata cables with a 90 degree bend. So here I am, with a nice new case, a dozen cables I could use, but none that fit. If you purchase this case, you NEEEED to have straight sata cables.
Nice case, very quiet, but with one tragic design flaw (mitigated by having the right type of cable.
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