Thermaltake Commander Gaming Gear Combo Keyboard and Mouse Kit w/ LED Backlighting

MX56347 Commander Gaming Gear Combo Keyboard and Mouse Kit w/ LED Backlighting
MX56347 Commander Gaming Gear Combo Keyboard and Mouse Kit w/ LED Backlighting MX56347 Commander Gaming Gear Combo Keyboard and Mouse Kit w/ LED Backlighting MX56347 Commander Gaming Gear Combo Keyboard and Mouse Kit w/ LED Backlighting MX56347 Commander Gaming Gear Combo Keyboard and Mouse Kit w/ LED Backlighting

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Good value

Submitted on Saturday, July 14, 2018
By Cal
From Edmonton

Strengths of the product

- Decent combo of tactile typing and key response - windows button can be disabled - keyboard lighting can be turned off with a button on the keyboard

Weaknesses of the product

- mouse lighting cannot be configured - DPI button does work but gives no feedback -keyboard keys are slightly stiff for a gaming keyboard -Thermaltake customer support is nonexistent

Additional Comments

I'm not that interested in the visual bells and whistles of a product like this. I bought it because the price is right and I wanted at least decent performance if I play a game. I'm not a hardcore gamer, I will play something like Fortnite, casually. This doesn't come with any drivers and the link to the manual on the website is down. So, I had to figure out some things that aren't that hard to figure out. To turn off the keyboard illumination there is a button right on the keyboard, beside the Fn key to turn it off and on. Programmable buttons will not work right away, but after an hour or so, not sure how or why, they worked for most functions like audio, off, volume control, calculator, browser, keyboard lock. The windows key can be deactivated by pressing down all the way on it, but to release you have to sort of nudge it from the bottom, rather than press it again, which would be intuitive. The keyboard keys are not quiet. They feel stiff and mechanical, but some people might want that. The mouse DPI button DOES work, but it doesn't change colour or flash or anything to let you know the command has been received. It appears to have only 4 different DPI settings. I think 800 is the lowest unfortunately. The mouse lighting can't be turned off and stays on after the computer is off, which is a huge annoyance. All told though, the price is right for a product that works mostly as expected.

Great combo

Submitted on Thursday, December 22, 2016
By David
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

Both of these are at a very low price but i was so impressed by both the keyboard and the mouse. The mouse feels weird at first but it feels normal in just a few short days. I noticed that the LED backlight on the keyboard is a tad bit weak but hey, you get what you pay for. This doesn't mean that the keyboard is bad though, the sound every time you type is amazing. This feels like a mechanical keyboard but for a nice low price as a combo with the mouse. I recommend it for budget gamers.

Weaknesses of the product

Don't see many weaknesses other then the keyboard's dim LED. But i won't deduct a star just for that.

Additional Comments

Overall this is a wonderful keyboard for budget gamers. Definitely would recommend to buy it.

Great gaming keyboard :D

Submitted on Friday, November 25, 2016
By Eric
From Winnipeg

Strengths of the product

I have had this keyboard for 2 months now and there is no wearing of the keyboard, for me it has a great feeling to it because of the mechanical like keys, it has windows lock on it and I can switch the WASD keys to the arrow keys which is nice for some games.

Weaknesses of the product

The mouse is a bit slow moving across the screen for me but all you gotta do is press the DPI button on there once and it's the perfect speed for me. I gotta do this every time the computer starts up but it takes little effort to click the button so it's no problem.

Additional Comments

I think its a great deal for a mouse and keyboard. I have it paired with the Corsair MM200 Mouse Pad, Medium, and it feels great. I would definitely recommend it, I will edit this review if anything happens in the future, as I have only had it for 2 months.

Not a gaming keyboard.

Submitted on Tuesday, March 08, 2016
By Matthew Curry
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

None of the keys or leds have died in the past 6 or so months since i got it. not a bad typing keyboard.

Weaknesses of the product

Not a gaming keyboard the keys lack the feel expected of a gaming keyboard even for the price. I found you must apply to much pressure to keep the key pressed with playing fps shooter. i found myself standing at a dead stop while i let off the slightest bit. the space bar is starting to wear through the black coating and the blue led is leaking through. im very surprised this happened in such a short time.

Additional Comments

Dont cheap out on something you use so much. I use to buy Velocity no name keyboards (Memory Express Brand) and i actually found them better im pretty sure than this one but overall very disappointed with it. I dont wanna have to pay the shipping to send it back to thermaltake to hope they warranty for warn keys but i honestly would be happy unless i got a better one from them as the keyboard is low quality. I'll be purchasing a Corsair K70 in the near future or possibly a Strafe.
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