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  • MX55927 Core V21 MicroATX Case
  • MX55927 Core V21 MicroATX Case
  • MX55927 Core V21 MicroATX Case
  • MX55927 Core V21 MicroATX Case


Core V21 MicroATX Case

From 3 Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: With 3 Customer Reviews

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Wonderful case

9/2/2017 10:35:43 PM
Mike from Calgary writes:
Incredibly customizable. Want vertical mount? No problem. Horizontal? No problem. Window on top? No problem. Huge CPU liquid cooler rad and two liquid GPU coolers? No problem. Want windows on three sides? Apparently you can order just the window panels from TT to do just that. Need massive airflow with dust filtering? Done. Need to stack two of these together for 2 in one PC (i.e. gaming plus streaming) ... can be attached. Need to include a large res for custom WC setup? Easy - lots of room.
Makes me wish I had a better mATX mobo to suit this case better ...
Best Case I have ever owned.

Great Case

7/7/2016 2:22:17 PM
Phil from Hinton writes:
Design, airflow, utility, and room
When fans are mounted in bottom panel they may make some noise and the panel may have to be "coerced" into shape.
No complaints at all. I love this case and used it for my Streaming PC build. I plan on getting another and transferring all my gaming PC components into it and stacking them together for a 2-in-1 streaming/gaming unit. LOVE it.

Nice Cube Case

8/8/2015 10:27:51 PM
Jao from Calgary writes:
Rigid case, plenty of room for a big powersuply and long graphics card.
the power suppy bracket is not really a good thing about the case. LOL
great case. Good case for first builders and even for crossfire config depending on your mobo
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