Kingston DataTraveler SE9 G2 USB 3.0 Flash Drive, 32GB

MX55799 DataTraveler SE9 G2 USB 3.0 Flash Drive, 32GB
MX55799 DataTraveler SE9 G2 USB 3.0 Flash Drive, 32GB MX55799 DataTraveler SE9 G2 USB 3.0 Flash Drive, 32GB

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Saturday, December 01, 2018
By: BinaryM
From: Calgary

Best overall value for a USB drive


- High speed - Reliable - Durable - Convenient - Relatively Inexpensive


- If you're not carrying this around all the time, there's faster and cheaper options - Some USB ports on older desktops/laptop don't like to recognize it as a boot device on USB 3 ports

Additional Comments:

If you need a convenient USB stick to carry around on a keychain, then it needs to be a metal alloy. Otherwise it's a matter of when (not if) it will break. I've been carrying AND using this USB drive in IT, almost daily for the past 2 years. In its 32gb form, it currently holds bootable ISOs of all flavours of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, various Linux distros, and a large assortment of IT tools. With this single USB stick, i've been completely overhauling multiple PCs on a weekly basis. I would be lost without it. The only issues i've had with it, is that occasionally some older systems won't recognize it as a boot device in the USB 3.0 ports (but will still work in the USB 2.0 ports on the same system), but will still read fine otherwise. I would recommend getting the extra protection plan. USB devices can often fail after heavy use, regardless of the brand, and the extra couple dollars spent will let you replace any time in-store. Because I haven't found anything better at doing what I need it to, i'd have to give it the full 5 stars.
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