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  • MX55500 Naga Epic Chroma RGB Wireless MMO Gaming Mouse
  • MX55500 Naga Epic Chroma RGB Wireless MMO Gaming Mouse
  • MX55500 Naga Epic Chroma RGB Wireless MMO Gaming Mouse
  • MX55500 Naga Epic Chroma RGB Wireless MMO Gaming Mouse


Naga Epic Chroma RGB Wireless MMO Gaming Mouse

From 2 Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: With 2 Customer Reviews

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Great mouse but some minor things that are annoying

7/10/2017 8:29:27 PM
Steen from Calgary writes:
Wired or wireless 12 side buttons make everything easier Durable Very light if you remove the battery pack Swap able side straps
Some of the side buttons are awkward to hit Led lighting isn't the brightest
Overall love the mouse but there are a few issues. Can't adjust the side button position, leds are bright enough but still dim in comparison to the corsair equivalent(scimitar)and a few more issues but most of all the mouse is definitely not for people with even remotely large hands. Awkward to hit the last two rows of buttons and my fingers drag on my mousepad because of how short the mouse is. I definitely still like the mouse but it's rather small

Naga Epic Review

9/29/2016 6:57:41 PM
Matt from Calgary writes:
Excellent battery life using wireless. Nice solid feel to it. Coming from a Deathadder chroma, very similar overall weight and size. Works perfectly with or without wire, no jitters or latency. Less cord management! One of my favorite features is the directional presses on the scroll wheel for easy access hotkeys. Lighting looks great.
Some of the side grid buttons are awkward to reach. Only about half are realistically usable without large adjustments in hand position.
Excellent choice for a gaming mouse. Multiple grip styles will be able to use without any issues. Feels great in the hand. Great Razer product as always.
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