Luxa2 Tab Clip Universal Car / Desk Mount Holder For Large Tablets

MX54678 Tab Clip Universal Car / Desk Mount Holder For Large Tablets
MX54678 Tab Clip Universal Car / Desk Mount Holder For Large Tablets MX54678 Tab Clip Universal Car / Desk Mount Holder For Large Tablets

Product Info

Holds Your Large Phablets and Tablets Almost Anywhere


The Car Mount of Choice for your 150 ~ 255mm (6 ~ 10") Smartphone / Tablet Devices - Slide your compatible device into the slot and expand accordingly for desired fit. Simple and easy to use and requires no extra tools to install, meaning you'll be up and ready to go in a matter of seconds.

Suitable for Devices with Display Sizes between 150 ~ 255mm


Supports a large range of devices from large Phablets to Tablets, meaning you'll never have to worry any compatibility issues for your device(s).


  • 360° Rotation and Swivel
  • 180° Vertical Adjustment
  • Compatible with Smart Devices 150 ~ 255mm (6 ~ 10") wide
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Bar
  • Attaches to Dashboards, Windscreens and Desktops1
  • Sticky Suction Cup is Washable and Reusable
  • Easy Installation and Removal makes it idea for Multiple Locations

Full 360° Rotation and Swivel


Provides optimal viewing angle for you and your device. Place in portrait or landscape mode and any other angle you desire maximum user friendliness.

180° Flexible Neck


Allows for free height adjustment to match your preferred eye level whilst using your device.

Latest Suction Cup Technology & Non-slip Rubber Grip


Use of latest suction cup technology provides secure and sturdy grip, allowing you to use your device with freedom of ease and confidence.

Securely Mounts on Windscreen, Dashboard and Desktop


Place where you want and how you want. The powerful suction cup technology means you can now securely mount your device almost anywhere in your vehicle for optimal viewing pleasure.

Easy Installation


Requiring no tools to install, setting up is easy and only takes only a matter of moments.

Washable and Reusable


Over time, everyday use may result in dust and dirt accumulation, which is unavoidable. Our holders are wash and reuse friendly, meaning that occasional maintenance with a simple rinse of water will return performance back to optimal. Rinse suction cup in water and gently rub off dust/dirt with fingers, and then leave to dry naturally for optimal efficiency.


Part Number HO-TBL-PCTCBK-00
Grip Width Holds 150 ~ 255mm (6 ~ 10") wide Phablets and Tablets
Rotation 360° Rotation
Swivel 180° Vertical Swivel
Dimensions (LxWxH) 130 x 140 x 89mm (5.1 x 5.5 x 3.5")
Weight 235g (8.2 oz)
  1. Suction Cup does not stick to Leather Products.

Package Contents

  • Luxa2 Tab Clip Universal Car / Desk Mount Holder
  • User Manual