LG BT30N Internal 6x Blu-Ray Writer for Laptops, SATA, Black

MX54671 BT30N Internal 6x Blu-Ray Writer for Laptops, SATA, Black
MX54671 BT30N Internal 6x Blu-Ray Writer for Laptops, SATA, Black

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BT30N Internal 6x Blu-Ray Writer for Laptops

Submitted on Friday, December 23, 2016
By Vern
From Edmonton

Strengths of the product

Awesome -

Weaknesses of the product


Additional Comments

Good buy

Great Product That Has Loads of Software...If You Can Find It

Submitted on Thursday, December 22, 2016
By Todd
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

Easy to install but I did have to remove the original faceplate with the Blu-ray logo and use the DVD faceplate that came with the laptop's original DVD RW. The new faceplate is of a different shape so it would catch on my laptop, but this will vary from laptop to laptop I then used a LG Super Multi Blue Install Disc which installed PowerDVD11, Power2Go. Power Producer, MediaShow, Media Espresso, and PowerBackup. Afterwards I was offered a free upgrade to PowerDVD12 as 11 is no longer supported

Weaknesses of the product

The SuperMulti Install disc did not come with the LG Blu-ray RE. Luckily I had the install disc laying around as it was included with a LG Blu-ray RE Internal optical drive for a desktop. This is a very hard install DVD to come by as LG only offers a link to PowerDVD and a phone number to call if you lost your install media. They then mail you an install DVD but what if you weren't provided a DVD in the first place.

Additional Comments

I copied the install disc to a folder and then copied the folder to many external devices. I've since reformated my computer and reinstalled all of my LG Cyberlink software many times from a folder copy as opposed to the disc. My point or question is why is it so hard to get this software? If you know someone who already has the software it then becomes a simple matter of borrowing the DVD or copying the DVD to a folder and installing. The software only installs if it finds an LG Blu-ray.
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