Cisco Catalyst 2960C 12-Port Compact Managed 10/100 PoE Switch w/ 2 Gigabit RJ45 / SFP Combo Ports

MX54515 Catalyst 2960C 12-Port Compact Managed 10/100 PoE Switch w/ 2 Gigabit RJ45 / SFP Combo Ports
MX54515 Catalyst 2960C 12-Port Compact Managed 10/100 PoE Switch w/ 2 Gigabit RJ45 / SFP Combo Ports

Product Info

Cisco 2960C Switches Extend Services When and Where You Want


featureWith unified network connectivity and enough power for devices far from the wiring closet, the 2960-C-12PC-L 12 port Compact Switch gets the job done. With the industry's first PoE pass-through capability, this Catalyst 2960-C Series Compact Switch simplifies IT deployments cost-effectively.


Cisco Borderless Networks and Access Switching

Borderless Networks, a Cisco next-generation architecture, deliver the new workspace experience, connecting anyone, anywhere, using any device, to any resource - securely, reliably, transparently.

The Cisco Borderless Networks architecture addresses primary IT and business challenges to help create a truly borderless experience by bringing interactions closer to the employee and customer. Innovations in switching help organizations deliver ease of operation, green efficiency, security, and performance to accelerate the way IT delivers and scales those services on the network.

Cisco Compact Switches for Retail

Major retailers are increasingly moving customer-facing IP-based applications and services to the middle of the sales floor. A typical transaction area on the floor will often include multiple point-of-sale terminals, card readers, IPphones, and printers. Free-standing kiosks, which allow customers to access online catalogs with click-to-chat capabilities and other applications, are being deployed.

Cisco Catalyst compact switches extend fully managed IP services, including end-to-end PCI-compliant solutions, to the floor with a single Ethernet cable or fiber. Because of their quiet operation, attractive appearance, and flexible mounting options, they are ideally suited for mounting in confined spaces on the floor.

Cisco Compact Switches for Education

Video and distance learning applications have become a common part of the curriculum for K-12 and higher education. Support for IP phones and secure wired and wireless connectivity in the classroom are also common requirements. Yet schools and universities must often work within limited budgets and aging facilities, making wiring runs from a central point in the building to multiple devices in the classroom cost prohibitive.

Cisco Catalyst compact switches extend fully managed IP services to the classroom with a single Ethernet cable or fiber. Quiet operation and flexible mounting options make them ideally suited for classrooms or confined areas nearby.

Cisco Compact Switches Extend Enterprise Networks

Enterprises often look to extend the reach of their networks - to bring wired connectivity to more employees and to support new wireless deployments. Running additional Ethernet cables for individual devices might be impractical, but the same security, services, and management must be supported.

This Cisco Catalyst 2960-C Series compact Switch extends the wired Cisco access infrastructure, 12 ports at a time, with a single Ethernet cable or fiber, all while delivering the same services as the Cisco Catalyst switches in the wiring closet. PoE, quiet operation, and flexible mounting options allow placement in confined spaces.

Cisco Networked Sustainability:
Good for Business, Better for Environment

  • Cisco EnergyWise is an innovative architecture, added to this 2960-C Series compact Switch that enables the measurement of power consumption in the network infrastructure and network-attached devices.
    EnergyWise encompasses a highly intelligent network-based approach to communicate messages that measure and control energy between network devices and endpoints. The network discovers Cisco EnergyWise-manageable devices, monitors their power consumption, and takes action based on business rules to reduce power consumption
  • Efficient switch operation:
    This Cisco Catalyst 2960-C Series compact Switch uses hardware components created by Cisco providing optimum power saving, low-power operations for industry best-in-class power management, and power consumption capabilities


  • 12x 10/100Mb/s RJ45 Ethernet ports
  • 12x Power over Ethernet (PoE) and PoE pass through ports, up to 124W POE budget
  • Two Dual Purpose 1-Gb Ethernet uplinks:
    • 2x 1Gb Copper or 2x 1GB SFP ports

Simplified Infrastructure and Device Placement

  • Dramatically reduce cabling costs by eliminating up to eleven 100-meter cables
  • Sleek and quiet fanless design allows the switch to be co-located with end-users

Highly Secure Access

  • Policy-based access control, identity and role-aware network, data integrity and confidentiality with Cisco TrustSec
  • Superior Layer 2 threat defense capabilities with integrated security features for flexible collaboration between users on the network
  • Compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to help meet regulatory mandates
  • Physical security with cable guard and lock

Ease of Deployment

  • Cisco Smart Operations for "zero touch" deployment and ease of troubleshooting
  • Cisco Auto SmartPorts for automatic configuring of the switch based on the type of device connected to the port
  • Cisco AutoQoS for state-of-the-art QoS implementation for IP telephony and video

featureSoftware Versions

Cisco Catalyst 2960-C Series compact switches ship with the LAN Base version of Cisco IOS® Software, as available on other Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches.

Cisco Catalyst 2960-C switches deliver advanced Layer 2 switching with intelligent Layer 2 through 4 services for the network edge, such as voice, video, and wireless LAN services.

The LAN Base feature set offers enhanced intelligent services that include comprehensive Layer 2 features. The IP Base feature set provides baseline enterprise services in addition to all LAN Base features. IP Base also includes the support for routed access, MACsec, and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF).

  • LAN Base: Enterprise access Layer 2 switching
  • LAN Lite: Entry-level security, quality of service (QoS), and Layer 2 connectivity

Reduces Energy Costs

Supports Cisco EnergyWise to monitor, manage and reduce energy consumption of the devices connected to the switch.

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Number of Ports 12x Ethernet 10/100 ports
2x Dual Purpose 1Gb Copper / 1Gb SFP ports
MTBF 357,027 Hours
Standards IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol
IEEE 802.1p CoS Prioritization
IEEE 802.1s
IEEE 802.1w
IEEE 802.1x
IEEE 802.3ad
IEEE 802.3af
IEEE 802.3ah (100BASE-X single/multimode fiber only)
IEEE 802.3x full duplex 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX & 1000BASE-T ports
IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T specification
IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX specification
IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE-T specification
IEEE 802.3z 1000BASE-X specification
1000BASE-CWDM SFP 1470nm
1000BASE-CWDM SFP 1490nm
1000BASE-CWDM SFP 1510nm
1000BASE-CWDM SFP 1530nm
1000BASE-CWDM SFP 1550nm
1000BASE-CWDM SFP 1570nm
1000BASE-CWDM SFP 1590nm
1000BASE-CWDM SFP 1610nm
RMON I and II standards
SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3
Performance & Scalability  
Forwarding Bandwidth 10 Gbps
Switching Bandwidth N/A
Flash Memory 64MB
Memory DRAM 128 MB
Max VLANs 255
VLAN IDs 4000
MTU Up to 9000 bytes, Maximum Transmission Unit
Jumbo frames 9018 bytes
Forwarding Rate 4.8 mpps (64 Byte Packets)
LED Indicators  
Per-port status Link integrity, disabled, activity, speed, and full duplex
System status System, RPS, link status, link duplex, and link speed
Temperature Operating:
FE Models: -5 ~ 45° C (23 ~ 113° F)
GE Models: -5 ~ 40° C (23 ~ 104° F)
Minimum Cold Start Temperature is 0° C (32° F) on all models

Storage: -25º to 70ºC (-13º to 158ºF)

Altitude Operating: Up to 3048m (Up to 10,000 feet)
Storage: Up to 4000m (Up to 13,200 feet)
Humidity Operating & Storage: 5% to 95% RH non-condensing
Acoustic Noise LpA (Typical): 0dB w/ fanless design
PoE Power  
PoE Ports All 12 switched ports support PoE
PoE Power Per Port Up to 15.4W per port
PoE Budget 124W Total PoE Budget
Input 100 ~ 240Vac @ 1.6 ~ 0.8A, 50 / 60Hz
Power Consumption No PoE Usage: 19W
Full PoE Usage: 158W
KVA 0.16 KVA w/ Full PoE Usage
Thermals Up to 91 BTU w/ No PoE Usage
Dimensions (LxWxH) 238 x 269 x 44.4mm (9.4 x 10.6 x 1.75")
Weight 1.86kg (4.1 lb)