Thermaltake Challenger Prime Gaming Keyboard

MX54346 Challenger Prime Gaming Keyboard
MX54346 Challenger Prime Gaming Keyboard MX54346 Challenger Prime Gaming Keyboard MX54346 Challenger Prime Gaming Keyboard MX54346 Challenger Prime Gaming Keyboard

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Great Budget Keyboard

Submitted on Sunday, April 01, 2018
By Jason
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

Multi-color back lighting, keys have a good solid feel, programmable macro keys are handy, function keys are a nice to have, has lasted 2 years and still functions perfectly with only a slight shine to the WASD keys (no letter fading like other keyboards I've had)

Weaknesses of the product

The fact that the knob controls back light brightness instead of sound is annoying, the dedicated volume keys are not backlit which is even more annoying.

Additional Comments

I've been running this keyboard for 2 years now and its still going strong! Only complaints are that the sound keys have not back lighting and the knob doesn't control sound. Other than that it's a good buy for the budget gamer.

Decent overall

Submitted on Wednesday, November 15, 2017
By Josh
From Edmonton

Strengths of the product

-Dedicated macro keys programmable by software -Can lock the windows key for gaming -Has holes for when you spill on the keyboard -Price, of course

Weaknesses of the product

-After some time the keycaps wore out, they are painted keycaps -Big knob on top controls brightness of LED instead of volume, but there are dedicated volume buttons, so whatever -

Additional Comments

Overall a good buy, but the major thing that issues me, like I said before, was the fact that the keycaps wear out over time.

Mine is broken, hope yours works

Submitted on Tuesday, October 25, 2016
By Trevor
From Winnipeg

Strengths of the product

Features (lots of lighting and programming options). Looks cool for the target audience (young gamer's that love lights and have limited budgets) Low price.

Weaknesses of the product

Quality Control. This cheap keyboard is probably not worth the shipping to return for warranty, but mine is defective. WASD and arrow keys switch by themselves, sticking keys (press one, it repeats the character forever).

Additional Comments

Buy the Memory Express in house warranty if you are buying at retail. don't bother ordering on-line. This is probably the last thermal take product i will ever buy. but i am a sucker for a low price, so if i do, it won't be without warranty next time.

Great cheap keyboard

Submitted on Sunday, July 10, 2016
By Thomas
From 1243

Strengths of the product

The keyboard works well and rarely ever makes a mistake. it looks cool sounds cool Can change colors

Weaknesses of the product

structure is worth its price can bend, but it you don't abuse it it will last

Additional Comments

really great keyboard, better than what you would expect for 30$
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