Roam 4G LTE USA Travel SIM Card

MX54174 4G LTE USA Travel SIM Card
MX54174 4G LTE USA Travel SIM Card

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Snap the Roam Mobility 4G LTE SIM Card into your unlocked Cellular Device, then Talk, Text and Surf without limits across the USA.

featureThis new 3-in-1 SIM Card supports Standard, Micro and Nano SIM slots and is compatible with Millions of unlocked Canadian Cellular Devices including iPhones, SmartPhones, iPads, Personal Hotspots and Data Sticks.

To use your iPhone or smartphone, the device must be unlocked. If you're unsure whether your device is unlocked, please contact your data network carrier.

Roam Mobility Coverage across the USA, Hawaii and Puerto Rico

We are Roam: Mobility for the Traveler

featureShould using US roaming phones cost a small fortune? Roam doesn't think so. At Roam Mobility, we offer US roaming phones, SIM cards, and hotspots that connect our Canadian customers to affordable talk, text, and data in most US Cities.

Roam offers everything you want (the lowest rates and the most reliable connections) and nothing you don't (contracts, hidden fees, and limits). So the next time you need US roaming phones or data plans to stay connected in the US, put your trust in Roam.

Roaming Mobile Data Calculator

Check out the Roaming Mobile Data Calculator to see how much you can save with the Roam SIM Card while using your Smart Device in the US instead of your current Cellular Plan Service.

  • Can be used on any unlocked 4G LTE phone for talk and text
  • Can be used in any smartphone, tablet or hotspot for 4G data
  • Includes SIM Adapter to fit Standard, Micro and Nano SIM slots

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Note: This is a Final Sale Product; no returns will be accepted, for any reason.



feature1) Purchase Your SIM Card

Purchase your Roam SIM Card from Memory Express to get started. For your convenience, they are available in Single and Dual SIM Card kits.

Each Roam SIM Card includes a Start Guide to get you up and running in a few simple steps and Roam Customer Service is always available to help out as well.

feature2) Activate Online

Insert the Roam SIM Card into any Phone, SmartPhone or Tablet and activate it at:

Online Activation only takes a few minutes, then you get your unique US Cell Number for your Contacts to reach you. You can Top Up you Account anytime, as required, based on the Plan you select for your needs.

feature3) Choose Your Plan

Pay for Service only when you travel. No monthly fees or commitments means you're free to use then service when and if you like.

When purchasing a plan you can choose to start immediately or set a future start date that matches your travel plans.

featureYou can use these ROAM Mobility SIM Cards on different 4G LTE Devices with different Plans:

  • Talk+Text Plans:
    Designed for use with a Basic Cell Phone
  • Talk+Text+Data Plans:
    Designed for modern SmartPhones
  • Text+Data and Data Only Plans:
    Designed for Tablets with 4G LTE support

Click here for Current Roam Mobility Plans

4) Travel to the US

featureOnce you've activated your SIM Card and Purchased a Plan, you're ready to go. On arrival in the US, you service is ready to use.

If you have any problems, Roam's Customer Service Team is available to get things going.

feature5: Top Up

You can easily top up your Roam SIM Card instantly Online, by Phone or via Text Message.

Roam Mobility will even let you know when you are nearing the end of our plan. That way, you'll will never be surprised and always have the option to stay connected if your trip is extended for any reason, for any additional time period.

6) Reuse When in the US Again


When you get home, just swap SIM Cards on your device to reconnect with your original Canadian Service Provide, just like before.

To reuse your Roam SIM Cards anytime you travel in the US, just sign back into your account and choose the best plan for your needs during the new trip.

Your Card is still valid and maintains your original assigned US Phone Number as long as you use your Roam SIM Card within 12 months of your last activation.

These Roam SIM Cards must activated in an Roam Mobility Plan to work.

Roam Customer Service

Roam FAQ List:

Canada Toll Free Customer Service: 1-888-ROAM4US (1-888-762-6487)

USA Customer Service: Dial 611 on Roam enabled Devices, even without a plan

Customer Care Email:

Customer Care Hours (PST):
Eastern Standard Time: 8am ~ 10pm, 7 Days a Week

Note: This is a Final Sale Product; no returns will be accepted, for any reason.


For use with Unlocked 4G LTE Smart Phones and other Unlocked 4G LTE Cellular Devices that accept a Standard, Micro or Nano SIM Card.

Package Contents

  • 1x Roam Mobility SIM Card for unlocked 4G LTE Cellular Devices