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  • MX53532 S340 ATX Case, White
  • MX53532 S340 ATX Case, White
  • MX53532 S340 ATX Case, White
  • MX53532 S340 ATX Case, White


S340 ATX Case, White

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Customer Reviews

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Great Look, good cable management

12/20/2015 11:27:01 AM
ES from Calgary, AB writes:
-Sleek -Looks visually appealing -Good cable management, made my build look as clean as possible. -Hidden PSU makes the interior really appealing.
-The paint has a weak feel to it, scratches really easily -Window finish scratches are hard to get rid off so do be careful -The top finish is easily scratch-able, I have to be careful when placing objects on top of it. -Not really a con for me but for others, no slots for internal optical drives.
This case is beautiful, cheap and has really good cable management. Really loving the design and how easy it was to work with. Aside from how easily the paint is to scratch off, how easy the top and window scratches, it is a great case for its price (I paid $90-ish).
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