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  • MX53339 Red 6TB NAS Desktop Hard Drive, SATA III w/ 64MB Cache

Red 6TB NAS Desktop Hard Drive, SATA III w/ 64MB Cache

From 8 Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Surprise, only 5400 rpm.

2/12/2018 1:12:44 PM
Dan from Winnipeg writes:
Nowhere does the description list the drive RPM, and I didn't realize these were only 5400prm. It's my own fault for not doing sufficient research. Be warned these are slow drives, not ideally suited for use as a primary internal drive if you care about performance.
Big but slow. Only 5400rpm. There are better drives at this price point.

no complaints. Fast reliable drives.

8/9/2017 9:25:47 AM
Michael from Calgary writes:
I have owned all sorts of WD Red NAS capacity's the 6TB is the current right balance of $/TB As per reviewer Mitch wondering about the missng 500GB? there is nothing missing hard drives and operating systems read what makes a byte different... google it. WD offers excellent Advanced warranty in case of failure in is 3 year (5 Year for Pro Models) where you can get a new drive shipped and sending faulty one back within 30 days.
Price when deploying many of these for a home based server holding up to 12 drives !

A great NAS drive

6/9/2017 10:39:11 AM
Jordan from Leduc writes:
Drive works great with Synology, I have 6x 4TB and 3x 8TB Reds in the Syno and a few other randoms, my NAS is on 24/7 with activity probably 40% of the time, sometimes more. The Drives are quiet, cool, and reliable over the long period of time That I have tested them.
As per the complaints by another user on here, "NOT 6.0TB (5.5TB Drive) heavy", this is an ill informed and non-viable complaint. HDDs are sold in TB's of physical data space, but when a computer reads the HDD it reads it in powers of 2, which means you normally get 0.91 TB on the PC as the HDD says. This is normal among manufacturers and the way operating systems work. Stating you got 5.5 TB from the drive (or more specifically 5.46) is absolutely normal. As for heavy... its a brick of metal...

Awesome drive !

4/5/2017 9:26:18 AM
Greg from Calgary writes:
So many it's hard to list them all , most of all very reliable and fast. I had it running in my Plex Media server running Ubuntu Linux for last 6 months and not a hick up. Even transferring very larder amount of media no drop in speed. Very good drive, I am looking to buy another as a media backup.
none so far
i noticed that everyone posts about it not being true 6TB but none of the drives provide actual drive volume. if you look at any drive no matter the size actual formatted space allocated to storage will be less than than what is says in the box.

Good NAS drives

7/5/2016 12:33:50 PM
Mike from Calgary writes:
- solid performance - reliable - operational RAID 5 for 2 years without hiccup
They tend to drop off RAID when the NAS is set to allow drives to sleep. Once that setting is removed they don't have issues.
Just so all the people know, the new standard is 1000:1 not 1024:1 like it used to be. So, this drive is 6000GB, which winds up showing up as 5.5TB in their old OS-based metric which runs calculations based on orders of magnitude of 1024. Get over it and don't review negatively based on your ignorance. The drive is solid and reliable and gives good NAS performance as it was designed and advertised to do.

Is as advertised.

3/11/2016 12:36:47 PM
James from Edmonton writes:
Works reliably Not made by Seagate
5400rpm - slow. Not made Hitachi Won't make me coffee
When people post it is 5.5tb where did 500gb go, just because all hard drive manufacturers advertise capacity improperly doesn't mean they should be allowed to give negative review to seller. where 1kb = 1024 bytes not 1000 bytes. Hexidecimal is not based on powers of 10.

5.5TB not 6TB

12/28/2015 10:46:54 PM
mitch from calgary writes:
nas drive, quiet, works, heavy
NOT 6.0TB (5.5TB Drive) heavy
mounted in xpenology NAS and it shows at 5.49TB (where did that extra 500GB we paid for go?)


8/12/2015 2:02:32 PM
Terry from St Isidore writes:
Space Speed
Price (but you can't expect it for free).
Excellent drive, speeds are good and temps are decent on load. I was getting around 100-144MB/s on large file transfers and 80-100MB/s on smaller files. Temps stayed around 32degrees while transferring. The WD Black drive I was transferring from was at 38degrees. These were single drive transfers not set up in RAID. This drive has loads of space, but the formatted capacity is 5.45TB. Will have to wait and see if this drive is going to hold it's own.
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