Minix NEO-M1 Wireless GyroMouse

MX52684 NEO-M1 Wireless GyroMouse
MX52684 NEO-M1 Wireless GyroMouse

Product Info

Six-Axis Remote Control
The NEO M1 is MINIX’s most recent 2.4GHz Wireless GyroMouse, utilizing the latest in six-axis gyroscope & accelerometer technology to deliver superior accuracy and control. The NEO M1 is focused around media playback, and was designed with apps such as XBMC, YouTube, Netflix and Hulu Plus in mind. We wanted to create a GyroMouse that gave users complete freedom over their media content, simplified navigation and improved accessibility – which is exactly what we have achieved with the NEO M1. The NEO M1 successfully combines a directional pad and traditional multimedia playback buttons with the convenience of ‘Fly Mode’, to truly enhance the user experience on the MINIX NEO Series.


Built-in Lithium Battery
Another great feature of the NEO M1 is the built-in rechargeable lithium battery, which due to its’ high charge density offers an exceedingly impressive battery life (several weeks based on average daily usage). The NEO M1 also employs a state-of-the-art advanced power management system to further prolong the battery, with the GyroMouse only drawing the required amount of power for each given task – benefitting users by preventing the unnecessary waste of energy and inconvenient recharges.

Multi-OS Support
The NEO M1 is compatible with the entire MINIX NEO Series – NEO G4, X5 mini, X5, X7 mini, X7, X8, X8 – in addition to all popular OS platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, Android and Linux.


Interface USB plug-and-play receiver
Wireless 2.4GHz
Features Six-axis gyroscope & accelerometer
Superior accuracy and control
Advanced power management
Range up to 10 meters
OS Support Windows, Mac OS X, Android and Linux
Battery Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
Dimensions 146 x 39 x 13 m