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MX52305 Live Gamer Portable
MX52305 Live Gamer Portable MX52305 Live Gamer Portable MX52305 Live Gamer Portable MX52305 Live Gamer Portable

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Depends what you need it for

Submitted on Saturday, February 25, 2017
By Chad
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

PC-free capture Portable, light-weight

Weaknesses of the product

Older drivers Not very intuitive software

Additional Comments

I purchased this for capture via HDMI from my miniDV camcorders (flaky Firewire ports), and live capture while recording. It can work independently of a PC, capturing to SD card, and has worked great for me. Power can be from a powerbank, so I can capture off HDMI while also recording onto tape. Capture on my PC seemed to work just fine, with no dropped frame, decent framerate. I'm running i7 4790, Windows 10 64bit and drivers and performance seemed fine

LGP has major issues, buy an Elgato or Hauppauge

Submitted on Sunday, August 21, 2016
By Kevin
From Richmond

Strengths of the product

-Portable; Small, lightweight -Aesthetically-pleasing design

Weaknesses of the product

-Software packaged doesn't work, functions slowly -Does not work with older consoles -Does not work with capture software -Does not capture unless HDMI out is unplugged -Unintuitive software -Poorly represented product by Avermedia

Additional Comments

I bought this about a month ago and right off the bat I had problems. The first video I recorded off my Wii U was completely corrupted, garbled, and irreparable. I tried hooking up my N64 through an HDMI converter and that didn't work, as it recognizes the signal from an HDMI converter as HDCP and refuses to show/capture in the capture software, displayed on TV. Zero customer service from Avermedia, less than useless. Poor framerate and quality in recordings, sound quality had buzzing.

LGP is crap for OBS

Submitted on Tuesday, August 04, 2015
By Keith.L
From Crossfield Alberta

Strengths of the product

-It's portable lol - video quality is decent when it works. - easy connect devices too.

Weaknesses of the product

- does not work well with OBS - requires you boot your PC several times for LGP driver to work in OBS 32 bit only - does not work OBS 64 bit - LGP driver is buggy for OBS 32bit only - USB 2.0 only, to limited for HD video and audio. - very buggy and outdated drivers that Avermedia has not updated since 2013. - only 1080p/ 30 fps for streaming - use a lot cpu at 60 fps streaming at 720p

Additional Comments

Use this with twitch to stream with. Built a 2nd PC so it could stream both PC games/consoles. The LGP driver for OBS is very buggy and glitchy. I've had many sound issues now. Bought this in March 2015, now the card is freezes on me. sound volume no longer works for HDMI or input for LGP. Stay away from this product. Avermedia gave me no support and told me go buy there newer product. I'm retuning this LGP as soon as I can. Never again will buy anything from Avermedia, don't waste your money
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