GoPro H3 Head Strap with QuickClip Mount

MX51717 H3 Head Strap with QuickClip Mount
MX51717 H3 Head Strap with QuickClip Mount

Product Info

This H3 Head Strap Comes With A QuickClip Mount


featureSome GoPro Users are more than a little bit more... adventurous than the rest of us. They do things that most of us have a right mind not to do, and often come back with incredible videos (and incredible scars) to show for it.

Sometimes depending if you are Surfing, Running, Biking, Racing, Base Jumping, Swimming with Piranhas, etc. you don't have a good way to mount your GoPro.

So when you are strapped for a place to put your Favorite GoPro Camera, why not strap it to your head?

This one size fits all H3 Head Strap, with or without the included QuickClip Mount will attach almost all GoPro Cameras securely in place.

Note: Do not wear this Head Strap instead of your Helmet when you should be wearing it instead. There are many great GoPro Mounts and Straps designed to attach to specific types of Helmets that will let you take great videos and protect your Melon at the same time...


  • One Size Fits all Head Strap Design fits almost every head
  • QuickClip Mount attaches any GoPro Camera to the H3 Head Strap
  • Up top Camera angle adds a great You-Are-There perspective for your Videos
  • The H3 Head Strap naturally follows your head movements so your Videos capture what you see


Due to the nature of this head strap, it is not designed or recommended for high-impact or contact sports. The H3 Head Strap is only recommended for non-impact activities and will not replace the safety provided by any headgear / helmets typically used in sports and other activities where head injury might occur. Use your Head, don't lose it...

Go Pro Cameras:
This H3 Head Strap and matching QuickClip Mount are compatible with most GoPro quick-release cameras including the Helmet HERO Wide, Motorsports HERO Wide, Motorsports HERO, Surf HERO, and Wide HERO cameras. However, it will not fit the Digital HERO 5 Wrist Camera.

Package Contents

  • GoPro H3 Head Strap
  • GoPro QuickClip Mount