Startech Coiled 8-pin Lightning to USB 2.0 Cable, 2ft

MX50592 Coiled 8-pin Lightning to USB 2.0 Cable, 2ft
MX50592 Coiled 8-pin Lightning to USB 2.0 Cable, 2ft

Product Info

Charge Apple® Lightning Powered Smart Devices in Your Vehicle

featureThe USBCLT30CMB Black Coiled Lightning to USB Cable for iPhone®, iPod®, and iPad® can comfortably be stretched out to up to 600mm to reach your mobile device and when compressed can be tucked out of way, to provide simple, tidy connections – great for charging in your car.
*Requires USB charge port.

Colored to suit your black mobile devices, this Lightning to USB cable provides a reliable solution for both syncing and charging and provides a compact solution that makes it perfect for carrying as an iPad or iPhone accessory.

Plus, the reversible 8-pin Lightning connector can be plugged into your iOS-enabled device with either side facing up, meaning there is no wrong way of inserting the cable into the device.

This durable cable is compliant with Apple MFi Standards.

The Advantage:

  • Charge your iOS-enabled mobile digital devices in your car
    • Requires USB Charge port
  • Charge and Sync Lightning-equipped Apple mobile digital devices
  • Ideal for close-range connections – great for charging in your car
  • Lightweight, portable cable, suitable for carrying with your iPad or iPhone
  • No incorrect way of plugging the connector into your mobile device


  • 1x Apple Lightning (8-pin) Connector
  • 1x USB 'A' male connector
  • Coiled Cable doesn't get in the way
  • Reversible Lightning connector
  • Aluminum-Mylar Foil with Braided Shielding
  • Supports high-speed USB 2.0 data transfer rates of up to 480 Mbps
  • Compliant with Apple MFi Standards


Connectors 1x Apple Lightning connector (8-pin) Male
1x USB 2.0 A connector (4-pin) Male
Uses Power Charging
Data Syncing
Cable Type Coiled PVC Cabling
Dimension Length: 600mm (2 feet)
Weight 73g (2.6 oz)