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  • MX49949 Bluetooth Audio Receiver NFC
  • MX49949 Bluetooth Audio Receiver NFC


Bluetooth Audio Receiver NFC

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Acceptable audio quality, works in the car

4/11/2014 9:51:04 AM
Max from Calgary writes:
Claims to support bluetooth APT-X. Automatically powers up when power is applied, and can be seen by Bluetooth-enabled devices. Audio quality is not bad - dynamic range is better than expected. Bass is not muffled. Compact, works well with NFC. Optical out option.
Will not actively connect with paired devices. With Android this is easy to work around - use Trigger app or Tasker to force connection when it is detected.
I bought this for my car which has an AUX jack. My car does not support music streaming through Bluetooth. I made sure it does not have a battery in it, as some bluetooth receivers do not allow playback while charging. Seems to work, even when tossed in the glovebox. Does not automatically connect to paired tablets or phones - but luckily with Android you can force a connection when your device detects its presence (after power up).
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