Thermaltake Massive 14² Notebook Cooler

MX49871 Massive 14² Notebook Cooler
MX49871 Massive 14² Notebook Cooler MX49871 Massive 14² Notebook Cooler MX49871 Massive 14² Notebook Cooler

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Excellent Laptop Cooling Fan

Submitted on Monday, July 30, 2018
By James
From Edmonton

Strengths of the product

Background: MSI GL62 6QD, GeForce GTX 950M, 2 years old. Some days, with CPU at 85-95% usage, the CPU temperature would hit 88C. The keyboard would be hot to touch. After some research, decided on giving the ThermalTake Massive 14² Notebook Cooler a try. I suspected two fans in a cooling unit would circulate air better than one. Light, small and super easy to setup. Result? Same 85-95% CPU usage, highest temperature the CPU makes now is 56C. Thus dropping the temp by 32C. I LOVE this cooling unit.

Weaknesses of the product

None so far.

Additional Comments

Strongly recommend ThermalTake Massive 14² Notebook Cooler. LED light is not noticeable. Slight fan noise, but hardly a bother.

Nice laptop Cooler

Submitted on Monday, September 11, 2017
By Steve
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

I've found that it's very quiet, and the LED lights are not excessive but nice and subtle. Even at full speed, it is still quiet and it cools off my laptop nicely - especially with the very warm temperatures this past summer (averaging 26° C inside). I like the height that it raises the laptop when the legs are extended; very usable and still comfortable for typing.

Weaknesses of the product

Only a small thing - the USB connection is only on the left-side of the cooler, so could be a problem if the laptop connections are on the right side (this is more of an issue as the connecting USB cable is not long enough to stretch to the right-hand side of a larger laptop).

Additional Comments

I'm very pleased with how well this works. I had been struggling with extreme heating (especially during this hot summer), and have seen the amount my laptop fan has to struggle keeping it cool drop dramatically since I bought this cooling station. Very good for the money.

A actually good laptop cooler

Submitted on Monday, August 08, 2016
By Danny
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

-Quiet even at max speed -Able to be take apart for dusty fan cleanups -Has some stand at the bottom if you want that excellent slanted angle -Able to keep laptop temperature at cool levels while doing casual internet browsing -And hey, some shiny LED if you want to show off -2 USB ports *cough* one additional spare USB port

Weaknesses of the product

-USB cord is short. (Good luck if your USB ports are purely on the right side)

Additional Comments

Its actually a very good laptop cooler for the price you pay for. I would highly recommend it for laptop toasters. Solid cooling performance for casual internet browsing and can bare some light gaming. If you're playing some demanding games, don't play for extended periods as the cooling won't save the already toasted laptop. TL;DR Good for casual internet surfing or toasters, not suited for gaming Survival: TBA
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