Kanto YU2 Speaker System, Matte Black

MX49004 YU2 Speaker System, Matte Black
MX49004 YU2 Speaker System, Matte Black MX49004 YU2 Speaker System, Matte Black MX49004 YU2 Speaker System, Matte Black

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Monday, July 20, 2020
By: Mikey Bikey
From: Calgary



They sound and look great. But caveat emptor. They are expensive, if you are using them as computer speakers. They need to be exploited for best sound, so: 1. Purchase the optional Kanto SUB6 or SUB8. 2. Purchase separate audio-grade cables, that are terminated with quality plugs (RCA, 3.5mm banana). The consumer-quality cables that ship with these speakers will not draw the best out of them. 3. You're going to want to install a decent PCIe sound card (and not a $60 one) to your rig, to fulfill the potential of these speakers. The on-board sound chips that come with mobo's today will not make your ears happy with these Kanto's. 4. These are very neutral (uncoloured) sounding units. For the YU2 satellite speakers, purchase the optional Kanto stands. The positioning of these units is important to how well they will sound.


Kanto could have included a fabric grille on each unit. That would keep the dust away from the drivers. I haven't used the USB interface to any external audio components or devices so I can't comment on how well they sound if you utilize the internal built-in amplifier in the right satellite.

Additional Comments:

Thoroughbred speakers (for their size and price range). Take your time when setting them up and making adjustments to them, for the best sound. 4.5 stars, only because they lack exterior grilles to protect the drivers. Controls, connectors, and fit and finish are quite high.
Tuesday, April 10, 2018
By: Orlando
From: Calgary

Great sounding lil speaker


Loud enough, sound amazing, if I needed more bass I could add a sub to it. Multiple input ports Sub out port


I wish the amp was a lil more powerful maybe add 5 or 10 watts RMS per channel.

Additional Comments:

I needed something small, powerful and great sounding. Some people have said these are not room filling, depending on the audio recording these things do get loud. When testing them out we did get a few noise complaints from hotel guest at a convention. While not bassy it gets the job done, and if you wanted more bass add a sub! Watching movies on these were awesome, as well as listening to various types of music. My other options I looked at was the Logitech Z200 2.0, and YU4 Speakers.
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