Logitech Harmony 650 Remote

MX48373 Harmony 650 Remote
MX48373 Harmony 650 Remote MX48373 Harmony 650 Remote MX48373 Harmony 650 Remote

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Meh All-in-one

Submitted on Friday, September 21, 2018
By Jimbojones

Strengths of the product

By default you can control 6 devices (I can do 8 with it since I had older Logitech and you can make this sync with app to get the extra devices) More consistent layout with general all-in-one remote that comes with OEM devices

Weaknesses of the product

small screen only 6 devices is limiting if you have a full A/V setup short battery running time (but are replacable with aftermarket and high mwh rating) initial setup is cumbersome and clearly Logitech has spent nothing on keeping this model current

Additional Comments

Logitech has fallen behind in this market segment and not properly re-invested in this mid-range all-in-one. Okay to use once set up but initial setup will drive some people away and I lost my programming once and because it's not overly user friendly, it was STILL cumbersome to get things as I wanted them again

Several Important Design Flaws

Submitted on Friday, September 21, 2018
By Charles
From NE

Strengths of the product

Set up scripts ('activities') to launch apps with the press of one button wide range of device compatibility backlit LED screen

Weaknesses of the product

Short very short battery life (cost of a backlit screen) Clunky menu for actual universal remote control (very screen-based with button interface - the screen is tiny and you have to scroll through panels with 4 options. There are also some default buttons (volume, etc) which are not controlled by the screen, but I'd like to see more of those Menu for setting up activities is clunky - This was released years ago - not fault of device. Modern device would be IoT/cloud controlled & set up via a smart phone app.

Additional Comments

I found this more of a hassle to use than the 3 device remotes as I don't have to replace the batteries every couple of months.
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