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  • MX46352 CINTIQ 13HD 13.3in Interactive Pen Display
  • MX46352 CINTIQ 13HD 13.3in Interactive Pen Display
  • MX46352 CINTIQ 13HD 13.3in Interactive Pen Display
  • MX46352 CINTIQ 13HD 13.3in Interactive Pen Display

CINTIQ 13HD 13.3in Interactive Pen Display

From 2 Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: With 2 Customer Reviews

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Sublime and Streamlined

5/2/2016 11:27:36 AM
Christine from Edmonton writes:
Very, very good little machine. Cranked out two digital portraits in six hours w/o overheating or any problems. Pen is spot on with little details and colors are strong and vibrant compared to my ASUS laptop that I connected it to. Can use to control other aspects of the laptop like any other touch-based accessory. Packaging was very stylish and the hardware itself is super sleek. Easy to set-up, about 5 minutes, and the latest updated driver can be downloaded online.
Stand is a bit clunky and the snapping sound it makes when attaching to the Cintiq itself sounds like I broke something, but other than that I forget the stand is even there and keeps the Cintiq stable. Sometimes the pen has to be recalibrated if I want to change the angle, and you need to position the pen at a certain angle for its buttons to work. Sometimes the side buttons are difficult to press but otherwise super convenient (and I didn't have to revert to my laptop as much as I expected).
If you're a first time tablet user and can afford the price and in-store product replacement I really recommend this. It's miles from the Bamboo pad and you feel more connected with the brush. It's definitely a stylish digital art tablet and will definitely look good in your desk set-up. 10/10 will buy again.

Common Driver Problems, and no support.

3/29/2016 7:22:02 PM
Shawn N. from Edmonton Ab. writes:
Nice screen resolution, did what it claimed to do for the 5 minutes it worked. It has dropped down in price to a little over $1000 since I bought mine at the Edmonton South store.
Constantly fails to load drivers, This seems to be a common issue regardless of OS. Restarting tablet drivers from services (win 7 home x64) works for a few times but eventually fails to work at all. Wacoms solution is to uninstall the tablet, and reinstall the latest drivers, but this has no change in effect. My tablet turned into nothing more usefull than a 13 inch monitor that cost me over $1000.
I will never buy another wacom product again.
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