Logitech USB Headset H540

MX42563 USB Headset H540
MX42563 USB Headset H540 MX42563 USB Headset H540 MX42563 USB Headset H540 MX42563 USB Headset H540

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Logitech H540 has a fatal design flaw

Submitted on Monday, September 19, 2016
By WestCoastTechie
From Vancouver

Strengths of the product

Looks nice until you touch it Stereo sound quality is reasonable

Weaknesses of the product

Design flaw in the SUPER STIFF cable with mounted mute indicator LED will cause the headset to short out the USB connection and eventually the internal connection at the mute LED will fail causing the H540 to stop functioning. Fingerprint magnet, wash your hands and don't touch anything, no food, don't even sweat a bit. Did I mention the SUPER STIFF cable? The microphone is on the ear piece with the SUPER STIFF cable so ALL sounds from that cable touching ANYTHING will be picked up by the mic.

Additional Comments

The Logitech H540 will fail (short out) at the red mute indicator LED mounted inline on the USB cable. First it looks as if you might have not muted the microphone because you will find the red LED is off. Then you might notice that red LED starts to flicker. Eventually, it will short out and cause the USB connection to be dropped by the computer it is attached to. Finally, the H540 will no longer work as the connection inside that LED housing has failed. Logitech has replaced ours 4 times.
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