Metropolitan Vacuum DataVac Pro Cleaning System

MX37984 DataVac Pro Cleaning System
MX37984 DataVac Pro Cleaning System

Product Info

Today, you can't be in business if your computer is out of business. One minute piece of lint, dust, hair, debris or paper shred can stop your computer cold. That means undone projects, fractured schedules and costly downtime. But now there's DataVac®, the world's best computer cleaning systems.


High-powered and specially designed to clean computers, printers and all sensitive-to-dust electronic equipment used in the modern office. And, to help you clean even more thoroughly DataVac's® "Pro Series" includes a 4 piece Micro Cleaning Tool Kit.

There's a DataVac® "Pro" model to satisfy every need, all at affordable prices.


Model MDV-1BAC
Construction Sturdy All Steel
Motor 500 Watt, 0.75 PHP. Power Unit
Filtration Disposable Bag, Permanent Cloth Bag & Micro Filter
CFM 65
Cord 12 ft. Heavy Duty 3 Conductor
Hose 6 ft. flexible
Nozzle Pik-All, Air Pin Pointer
Attachments Adaptor Nozzle, Flexible Neck Extension Wand, Micro Dusting Dusting Brush and Micro Crevice Tool
Toner Pick Up N/A
Dimensions 15 x 7 x 7 inches