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  • MX37594 SBC-06D2X External 6x Blu-ray Combo Drive, Black
  • MX37594 SBC-06D2X External 6x Blu-ray Combo Drive, Black

SBC-06D2X External 6x Blu-ray Combo Drive, Black

From 2 Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: With 2 Customer Reviews

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Works fine

6/21/2014 10:55:23 AM
Erik from Edmonton writes:
Does what it says on the box - reads Blu-ray, records everything lesser The other review complaining about how it doesn't come with blu-ray playback software - how does Asus know what OS you use? Are they going to include blu-ray software for OS X, Linux, WIndows, and so on, jacking up the price? What if you already have software? I don't want to pay for a license I already own. The drive tray only popping out a cm is standard for slim optical drives, nothing odd here
Peculiar the USB cable is in the middle and then the stand props it up on the side... they should've put the usb cable on the edge the stand props it up on, if you ask me.
Does a perfectly fine job of reading everything the way it's supposed to, doesn't include any frivolous extras to jack the price up (you can store DATA on blu-ray discs, they're not just for movies).

Does not play Bluray disk. Software not included.

3/4/2014 1:38:10 PM
derek from calgary writes:
nice design,
Add 50 bucks onto price for bluray software as it is not included on driver cd. eject is only 1 ", drive has to be hand pulled first before cd is placed in carriage. Asus support is terrible. Asus website is full of broken links, empty pulldowns and nonpopulated and highly censored faqs. trouble shooting and finding drivers and software was extremely painfull....
try a drive that includes software to do what is promised.
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