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  • MX37347 Spectre Pro 200mm Fan, All Black


Spectre Pro 200mm Fan, All Black

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This fan blows.

1/9/2014 4:24:32 PM
Eno from Calgary writes:
Wow... it moves some serious air. Good flexibility for securing to your case- lots of screw holes etc though it can be a little tricky getting everything on straight... just takes a few extra tries. Good, sturdy construction. Reasonably priced. Really worth mentioning again- I've not actually metered it or anything but the air that thing moves is wild.
A little louder than I was expecting- however that's the price of high CFM. I'm standing downstairs in my house and I can hear the thing vacuuming my upstairs from down here- so the plan is to grab a resistor from one of my noctua fans and slow it down. Not REALLY a weakness since it's doing what it was meant to do- which should be a good thing. But for those of you looking for a high CFM fan but don't want to hear it (which I thought was the point of 200mm+ fans), be aware!
I bought the fan to move air- and it DEFINITELY delivers in this regard. I wanted good, solid flow for a side fan and this may have been a tad on the overkill side since I already had a well ventilated case (HAFX). (if you were wondering why, I'd swapped my HAFX side fan out to a 922 case... and needed a replacement).
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