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  • MX36603 KVM-222 2 port USB KVM Switch with Audio Support

KVM-222 2 port USB KVM Switch with Audio Support

From 4 Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: With 4 Customer Reviews

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Great KVM for the price

8/10/2015 1:06:38 PM
Andrew from Edmonton writes:
Inexpensive, good resolution support, includes audio and wireless mouse/keyboard. The color coded wired remote (switch) lets you know which box is active. No issues at 1600x1000 resolution (older 16:10 monitor)
Somewhat bulky connector
I have been using this KVM for several months now to switch between my primary computer (Windows 7) and an older XP-based machine that I use to play some older games (much better than a virtual machine!) This KVM has been working flawlessly to share a Logitech unifying KB and mouse and stereo speakers. Be aware of a somewhat bulky connector to the video cards. Not a deal-breaker but it'll mean your computer(s) must be a few more cm away from a wall or other obstruction. Definitely recommended.

Straightforward KVM Works Perfectly

12/14/2014 11:16:42 AM
Robert J Henry from Cochrane AB writes:
The high point of this installation is the pleasant suprise that my Wireless Mouse / Keyboard Combo works perfectly with the single 2.4 GHz receiver plugged into the "mouse" USB port on the KVM switch (with a USB extension to get it out from behind the docking station and handy for the GHz to do their thing :-). Both PCs on Windows 7, it took a cycle on each computer of driver detection and install and re-linking of mouse and keyboard to the receiver, now switches flawlessly.
1) One constraint could be the length of the cable - a VGA extension could cure that if need be. 2) The VGA connectors are a bit bulky - almost blocks the power on the docking station, and hangs out off the side of the other laptop without screw connection (laptop has no provision).
Overall it does exactly what I had hoped. I might try an HDMI switch in the future, but this unit ticked all the boxes at a great price.

Nice Simple KVM

12/1/2013 11:56:46 AM
Cameron from Calgary writes:
Switches Quickly. Nice small remote has LED that turns yellow or green depending on which computer you're on.
The cable set up is cluttery, would have rather had a box to plug everything into. The soft key switching (double tap caps lock / scroll lock) seems to be software / OS dependant.
I was originally looking at the $25 iogear KVM but it was out of stock so I ended up buying this one. Having no central box makes a clutter of cables. Having said that, I can tuck everything away and have just the remote stick out on my desk. One of my computers is Ubuntu Linux and the other is Windows 8. The Soft keys (caps/scroll lock double tab) works only in Windows 8 (also, NOT when virtualbox is the active window). Not a big deal since the remote is small and neat.

Works great

4/29/2013 7:57:45 PM
John K from Winnipeg writes:
Works. Has a remote button for switching. Fast switching. Keyboard, mouse, monitor and audio.
Haven't found any. May not work with more custom keyboards (we only tested it with a standard Lenovo keyboard and a standard Logitech optical mouse).
For people who just want to switch back and forth to control two computers and don't need fancy functions, I would highly recommend this unit. It works perfectly all the time, switches fast, and has a remote so anyone can easily use it without knowing some obscure key commands for switching. Press the button on the remote and it switches to the other PC. Has a dual colour LED so it's green for PC1 and amber for PC2.
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