Logitech Stereo USB Headset H390

MX35724 Stereo USB Headset H390
MX35724 Stereo USB Headset H390 MX35724 Stereo USB Headset H390 MX35724 Stereo USB Headset H390 MX35724 Stereo USB Headset H390

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Long term user. Highly recomended.

Submitted on Thursday, January 03, 2019
By Adam
From Edmonton

Strengths of the product

Very durable (I've had many, much more expensive, headsets and headphones break well before this shows any signs of wear.) Comfortable to wear for long periods of time (For me at least) Adjust enough to be able fit bigger heads Mic sounds very clear compared to many other headsets (Not as good as a quality standalone mic but most of those cost as much or more that this entire headset.) Good sound-to-price ratio Easy to store and transport (Not bulky)

Weaknesses of the product

Tight fit at first (Pressure lightens after a few hour break in period. I notice this with most headsets and headphones.) Not great for in-game audio or music but not really meant for either of those. Does not have 3.5mm TRS (headphone/audio) jacks (Not a problem for my use case) Could be slightly better quality but that is unrealistic at this price point

Additional Comments

I've been using Logitech headsets as my primary headsets for 13+ years now and have had this model for more then 9 years. My usage of this headset is purely for voice chat with 5.1 speakers and standalone headphones being used for all of my other audio including game; music; video and other, non voice chat, applications. I very recently had to replace my headset, which lasted for just over 5 years, due to the cable running from the in-line control up to the headset itself breaking near the in-line-control strain relief (this is how both of my previous headsets died) and decided to go with the same model due to the great overall reliability of my previous two. There have been some small changes to the model since I bought my old one including a more flexible cable running form the in-line control up to the headset itself, more flexible strain reliefs, an unlabeled black mute button, and the grey covers on the ear-cups have been changed to black with the left one (the one with the mic boom) having Logitech's new, much cleaner, "Logi" branding. The new strain reliefs and cable should hopefully improve the already great durability of the headset and the color changes (grey to black) give a very slick, modern look that I really like. I've had a really great experience with this model of headset in the past and am looking forward to seeing how this new revision stands up to the rigors of time and, almost everyday, use.

On 4th Set

Submitted on Thursday, November 05, 2015
By Wyllo
From Edmonton, AB

Strengths of the product

Due to the USB connectivity the quality of the sound is superior to many more expensive units. The noise cancelling works great even when recording for Let's Play's or tutorial videos with little to no need for editing. In game voice is excellent. The line is generous, about 8', and allows for optimal mobility around your work/play area.

Weaknesses of the product

The mute button piece tends to die off earlier than the headset itself so if you mute often check the wear of the letters. Seriously. By the time the letters wear off on the mute/volume button (about 6 months of abuse) you will start noticing it not working as efficient with some wires starting to break down.

Additional Comments

I am preparing to pick up my forth of these. My partner and I use them religiously and have for about 5+ years now. We have tried others but the light weight design, price and noise cancelling make them the ideal headset for all our needs. Very much worth the money.


Submitted on Wednesday, October 23, 2013
By Jim
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

Solid construction, good sound that is clear and loud if you so choose. The mic works well too! Tried a few brands before sticking to this one and it was a fraction of the price of some of the others!

Weaknesses of the product

umm....tough one. I guess the only weakness I can think of is the fact people can sometimes hear my headphones through the mic (generally while on high volume)

Additional Comments

Pick a set up. Great product!

Good, but not perfect

Submitted on Tuesday, June 12, 2012
By Neolisk
From Mississauga, ON

Strengths of the product

Good sound quality and mic.

Weaknesses of the product

USB connectivity.

Additional Comments

Because it is USB, it cannot be used via my Realtek HD built-in sound card with all those fancy sound modifiers, i.e. karaoke, room correction etc. Also cannot use a regular 3.5mm plug splitter and play everything through headphones and speakers simultaneously. Luckily don't need all that at work, but would not buy these for home use. Sound for the price is very good though.
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