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  • MX31411 SickleFlow 120mm Red LED Fan

Cooler Master

SickleFlow 120mm Red LED Fan

From 7 Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: With 7 Customer Reviews

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Good Fans... What Loud Noise?

1/8/2018 2:05:52 PM
Brandon from Alberta writes:
• Good Airflow. • Decently quiet (low RPM). • Cool LED effect on the blades. • LEDs aren't bright, which is a positive and negative for me.
• During the day if you have a source of light behind your PC you can't see the LED lighting that well.
• I keep reading reviews with people saying these fans sound like a jet engine. What jet engine? I've had these fans for 1 month and they are still just fine. That being said if you run the fan at a higher RPM then yes, they can get loud. Just get a fan controller if loud fans bother you that much.

Have 7x, What Jet Engine?

3/16/2015 7:57:54 PM
Peter McLaughlin from Calgary writes:
I've had the Blue, the non coloured edition and I just bought the 7 red to swap it up after over using them. They are solid, keeps the system nice and cool, especially with a dual 120mm water internal rad that keeps the cpu ice'd. Rigged all the fans at max speed, no more push pull software uniqueness. Don't need it, prefer max continual. Some say "jet engine", have never been to a server center before... that... is a "nice" whine of epicness... These fans... are mute in comparison...
Wish the cfm was more, but that's a personal preference. Also wish the LED was brighter, instead of needing to buy alternate led light strips...
Overall, epic fan, especially for the ANTEC P280 Case. That case with or without water cooling, can take literally 7 fans + an 8th if you mod the 5.25" bays. Certainly solid airflow, keeps my sli 760's in GREAT temps for overclocking. Including the i5 4670 stable at 4ghz and not even hitting 50 celcius ever. :D

good fans

4/3/2013 6:19:28 PM
King_Of_Codfish from Whitecourt writes:
looks pretty cool and perform great keep my system cool and have a cool glow
wish the LEDs were a bit brighter
love these fans and will buy more in the future

Get a better fan...

2/18/2013 11:18:14 AM
Dustin from Edmonton writes:
Cost LED's are nice Airflow is average
Stats are overpumped by Coolmaster Whines at full speed, even at lower RPM's Definitely not 19db
Would not recon, spend 5 bucks more on a Bitfenix... I took it out of my rig after 3 weeks because I couldn't handle the whining.

Great value fans

7/10/2012 2:29:49 AM
Steve from Calgary writes:
- good noise to airflow ratio - cheap - long life @ 50,000 hours
- none that I can think of...
Bought 2 of these to go in the side of my case. In a push(lower)/pull(higher) configuration it's helped keep my GPU 5+ degrees cooler (and it's been hot in my place at 30 with no A/C). Honestly they had the best noise to airflow ratio in the $10 price range in the shop. I have both in molex connectors so they are running max, louder then my other case fans but not a jet plane as someone mentioned. Well worth the price.


2/19/2011 7:50:58 PM
Sean B from Edmonton, Alberta writes:
Good airflow, from a well-respected name.
Great value.
LED's aren't very bright, but that can't really be classified as a weakness. It's enough.
Awesome so far.


12/22/2010 5:18:38 PM
Adam from Calgary writes:
Pushes a decent amount of air
Can be quiet (Yeah, i said CAN be)
LEDs arnt too bright, for me thats a good thing, i didnt want them to light my room up, just accent the case.
For 10 bucks you cant go wrong
If you like the sound of a jet engine coming from your computer, pick one of these up!
Cant control the LED separately on/off, but luckily they arnt too bright or annoying so, its not a huge con
not PWM Controlled
So, i said they are quiet, but loud, and this is what I mean.
I have 3 of these on my case. At Max RPM (2000) they SCREAM like a jet engine. ESPECIALLY if your using them on a radiator for water cooling or replacements for something like the h70 or h50 systems.
However, go into your bios and turn the voltage down a touch to get them under 1800 RMP and they are almost completely silent, and still push a good amount of air. I have mine at 1500 for my radiator in a push/pull config on a h70 system
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