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  • MX31016 USB External 7.1 Audio Adapter
  • MX31016 USB External 7.1 Audio Adapter
  • MX31016 USB External 7.1 Audio Adapter
  • MX31016 USB External 7.1 Audio Adapter


USB External 7.1 Audio Adapter

From 3 Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: With 3 Customer Reviews

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Stereo only from SPDIF

1/8/2015 3:02:06 AM
Metro Facility from Edmonton writes:
Seems to work fine for analog Easy to install
There is only stereo available over the SPDIF input and output. If you bought this to add a multichannel optical output to your laptop or PC you are out of luck.
It should be made clear on the packaging or website that multichannel SPDIF is not an option with this unit. But for analog output and input it works fine.

great product for the money

6/9/2011 8:14:20 PM
kwksnd from edm writes:
sounds great
better than my old top dollar sound card
easy to configure software
upto 7.1 channels
controls, through usb, actualy control the pc volume mutes etc
if you cant add a sound card this is one of the few options you have and you sure you cant beat the price !!
with wires comming off 3/4 sides it doesnt fit well anywhere to make it reasonably easy to reach the controls

creates a wiring mess
cant go wrong for the price in my opinion
the sound is great
its a cool small black box with buttons and blue leds whats not to love

Good with a few caveats

5/27/2011 1:27:54 PM
Tim from Edmonton writes:
- Allows monitoring of recordings (which is why I purchased it)
- Good sound
- Plugging in headphones doesn't mute the speakers (tried it with two different sets of headphones)
- When audio is playing through the adapter, the power light flashes, and there's no way to disable it that I've been able to find, short of a piece of electrical tape to cover it (who was the genius who came up with this feature?)
I bought this unit as a quick and dirty solution, as my onboard audio wasn't allowing me to hear line-in audio while recording. Seems like I traded some advantages for some disadvantages, but on the whole the unit's okay.
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