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  • MX30979 Wireless N Network Camera
  • MX30979 Wireless N Network Camera

Wireless N Network Camera

From 7 Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: With 7 Customer Reviews

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Not the best camera.

12/23/2014 6:11:32 PM
Chris from Edmonton, AB writes:
Not bad when it works.
Took hours to set up between trying to connect it to the router manually and using WPS, and then updating the Firmware on each camera.
If you can, shell out for a better quality camera with better software.

Decent Starter Camera at Great Price

3/3/2013 8:12:49 PM
KP from Toronto writes:
This camera has easy and simple installation wizard for creating mydlink account which allows me to log in and see a live stream from any internet connected device. There's also a free mydlink app for iOS and Android. Picture quality is perfect. Very impressed to have clear precision and streaming wireless vision. I setup email notifications based on motion detection which is a great feature. Audio is also available so you can even listen to what you are watching or monitoring.
If you are viewing it on your smart phone then as long as you have a good connection at both ends, the streaming quality is quite good otherwise you might have buffering issues.
Overall so far I am impressed with the performance of the camera and will recommend to anyone who is looking for decent performer at great price.

You get what you pay for

1/22/2013 10:42:34 AM
James from Edmonton writes:
Ability to use wireless VGA-20fps (640X480)
Unable to connect to telus wireless router. (actiontec) Crashes the router when connected wireless. Unable to be used in daylight (gama too high - saturated image) Flickering and lines in image (even with anti-flicker set in firmware) Software and documentation terribly lacking detail and specifications. Likely put together by kindergarten students for computer illiterate end-users. Wireless range is poor No focus or zoom controls. Flimsy mounting plate.
I even attempted to upgrade the firmware to 1.06, and there was no improvement in operation. If you set up in third party software, make sure to set it up to MJPEG stream at path /video.cgi Other paths /image.jpg and /audio.cgi appear to work, but no idea what codec used for audio stream. Couldn't even get the D-link software to communicate with the camera.

"ActiveX installation errors" during install - workaround found

10/14/2012 9:51:48 AM
JT from Calgary writes:
Once setup, the device seems to work well. I stepped up (extra $30) and got the night vision mode model DCS-932L (also available at mem exp). The night vision works surprisingly well. The video is very fast on your local wifi network, and acceptable once on your cell phone's data (but predictably a little more chunky).
If you get an error about not being able to install the ActiveX components when you try to install the software, try copying their installation software to an external device (like a USB memory stick) and running the autorun.exe from there. To my amazement, this solved the problem. Many thanks to someone on the d-link forum that posted this solution.
Also, when prompted to update the camera's firmware it will tell you that you must connect to the camera physically with a network cable, assuming the camera is working fine wirelessy, you don't have to physically connect it. I just pressed "OK" and the firmware update completed without incident.

D-Link DCS-930L

12/3/2011 1:10:53 PM
Rene Schuller from Edmonton, Alberta writes:
This webcam fulfilled its purpose rather well. As a surveillance tool it worked great. Resolution at the high setting works well. I posted footage on YouTube: stupid person tampering with lock.
I fully understand the negative reviews. One can only use it close to an existing electrical outlet. I had to install an electrical outlet on the ceiling (tapped into light fixture). The software wasn't really user friendly (I did not read tutorial or manual) . I had to install new firmware in the camera to run properly. As a surveillance device it ate up a lot of hard drive space. Limit the amount it uses and it will overwrite itself.
Despite the time and effort involved, it was the cheapest solution, and I had results. And only because I had a positive result, I have to give it 5 stars.

good cheap security camera

2/9/2011 2:14:54 PM
superknoppix from Edmonton writes:
fast response to motion
picture quality good for such a cheap camera
initial setup difficult if using mac as it is not supported(even though box and documentation says it is....) and will need windows to connect to wireless first.

Power cable too short and has no POE(power over ethernet) so little difficult to place in some locations.
overall a good cheap wireless camera that will allow you some added visual security, been highly reliable for me and connects to wireless network fine. Also can run off usb power if you make right connector...


1/18/2011 6:22:57 PM
Peter from Calgary writes:
Easy set up and easy to connect to via internet for remote viewing
Does not seem to see my wireless N network, just my wireless G
Picture is OK, for a network camera, very easy to set up and to view from the internet.
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