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  • MX28929 USB microSD/SDHC Reader
  • MX28929 USB microSD/SDHC Reader
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Optimal size but won't last

11/10/2016 12:36:58 PM
James T Snell from Jimmy's Lab, Earth writes:
Optimally compact, inexpensive
I love these and have had many of them. The form factor is excellent and is far better than any other microSD reader I've otherwise seen. Unfortunately, they don't last long. Invariably the plastic around the USB connector snaps (it must be quite thin and would have to be a different material to really last). I keep using these despite the limited life-span because they're excellent value and do just what I need them to do. I wanted to give this a 3/5 review, but the good price makes it a 4.

good guy

1/7/2016 3:30:54 PM
Taylor from calgary writes:
its small it does its job
its too small
make sure you face the leads in the correct direction because this reader will seem like it is properly inserted and still not work which is weird until you remember to try flipping it over. there isn't much to say about this its just that simple

Works Great, careful if you keep it on your keychain

3/23/2015 3:55:38 PM
Alec from Calgary writes:
Tiny Works great Turn your micro SD card into a thumb drive
Not very rugged. Beweare of keeping it on a keychain with lots of heavy keys/junk
I bought two of these and they work great. Over time I've accumulated a number of Micro-SD cards and this was useful for turning some of them into thumb drives. They work great, and give good transfer speeds. Super useful if I don't have my full-size SD adapter handy Not very rugged though. I lent one to a family member who put it on their keychain with a lot of heavy keys and junk on their keychain and it killed the reader (not the SD card).

Simple and compact

10/6/2014 1:29:34 PM
Anton from Edmonton writes:
-Super compact -Plug and play -Comes with tether to prevent losing
-Removing the card from the adapter can be tricky -Made by Kingston
Great little unit, does what it advertises, couldn't be happier with it as a travelling item. Even great around the computer if you are a photographer/media guru. If it wasn't Kingston, it would get 5 stars
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