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  • MX28002 HDMI 1.4 Cable, 6ft


HDMI 1.4 Cable, 6ft

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Fact: ALL HDMI cables have passed quality control to be labeled as HDMI

11/30/2011 7:41:58 PM
Tim from Calgary writes:
This is an honest product that isn't trying to promise the impossible from a digital cable. It does exactly what HDMI specification says it has to, therefore it is a perfect HDMI cable. Robi said it perfectly. Thanks to Memory Express for allowing consumers to access reasonably-priced cables. A cable has to be certified before it can carry the HDMI name and therefore all HDMI cables are equally capable of delivering ideal DIGITAL signal strength from device to device.
If you spend any more than this on an HDMI cable of this length, you are getting ripped off. Please, save your money for your other components and don't encourage this ridiculous trend of overpriced "high-end" digital cables.

All HDMI cables are the same

2/7/2011 1:52:19 PM
Robi from Edmonton writes:
It's a digital signal, the information either make it, or they don't. There is no effect on picture quality at all. You either have a picture or you don't.

Perfect for my PS3

12/26/2010 10:59:40 PM
10pmStalker from Edmonton writes:
Works as good as any HDMI cable. Using it for PS3. Bought it for 5 bucks on boxing day, not a bad deal!
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