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  • MX27011 2 Port ExpressCard USB 3.0 Card Adapter
  • MX27011 2 Port ExpressCard USB 3.0 Card Adapter
  • MX27011 2 Port ExpressCard USB 3.0 Card Adapter
  • MX27011 2 Port ExpressCard USB 3.0 Card Adapter


2 Port ExpressCard USB 3.0 Card Adapter

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Customer Reviews

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3/3/2014 12:13:24 PM
Pat from Canada writes:
Blazing USB 3.0
Possibly snapping it off when hauling laptop around. Need for external power supply if powering from the USB port. (Could use external powered USB3.0 hub or powered enclosures to mitigate the issue.)
A very quick search on StarTech's website provides the following: Due to the power limitations of the ExpressCard interface this adapter cannot supply 900mA of current to both ports. Some devices like External 2.5” Hard Drives may require an additional power adapter. So it is an interface limitation, not the card per-se and the information is readily available to anyone willing to do a modicum of research. I noted the same power adapter hold on all of the StarTech cards and was curious myself.

don't get it

1/8/2012 9:27:14 AM
cliffs from calgary writes:
Couldn't get it to work.
There is a power plug in but as the previous poster indicated the is no information on 1) that it is required and 2)where to get it or what its specifications might be.
Very disappointed that even the sales reps didn't mention the power supply if it is required.

Don't Get

7/16/2011 11:34:42 AM
Jason from Calgary North writes:
Give two ports
hot swappable
Require external power supply to run USB 3.0, which is not provided.
No Specs were given for the power supply so no way to get a compatible adapter. Besides power adapter cost another $30.
Unless you are just looking for USB 2.0 with 3.0 capability, and don't mind getting an adaptor go for it.
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