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  • MX2603 Video Game Jockey Game Console to PC Monitor Adapter


Video Game Jockey Game Console to PC Monitor Adapter

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Product Info:

You want to play your Xbox® but everyone else in the house wants to watch TV. With the TV seeing heavy usage in most households, getting console gaming time can be a challenge. Solve your problem with the StarTech.com Video Game Jockey, a game console to PC monitor adapter. With the Video Game Jockey, you can plug your Xbox®, Playstation 2®, GAMECUBE™, or Dreamcast™ into your PC monitor instead of your television, helping to reduce clutter and save money.

The Video Game Jockey supports full audio pass through, so you’ll be able to hear your games through your PC’s speakers or headphones. Plus you can switch between your console games and PC with only the touch of a button, so you’ll be able to quickly check your email during breaks. The Video Game Jockey also allows you to connect VCRs, DVD players, and camcorders to your computer monitor, and since it is a pure hardware design, no software or drivers required, it even works when your computer isn’t turned on.


- Automatic NTSC and PAL video signals detection
- Plug and Play, no drivers required
- Audio pass through with amplified (Active) speakers
- Ability to switch between video and PC input
- Supports composite (RCA) and S-video input


- 1 x Male DB15 VGA In
- 1 x Female DB15 VGA Monitor Out
- 2 x RCA composite Audio In, 3.5mm line in and speaker out
- 1 x RCA composite Video In
- 1 x S-Video In
Power Supply: DC 9V power adapter included
Cables Included:
- 1 x HDDB15-pin extension cable
- 1 x 3.5mm stereo audio cable
Output Frequency NTSC:
Horizontal = 31.4685KHz
Vertical = 60 Hz
Resolution = 720 x 480
Output Frequency PAL:
Horizontal = 31.25 KHz
Vertical = 50 Hz
Resolution = 720 x 576
Maximum VGA resolution supported: 1280 x 1024 @ 60 Hz