Elite IDE To SATA Adapter

MX23755 IDE To SATA Adapter
MX23755 IDE To SATA Adapter MX23755 IDE To SATA Adapter MX23755 IDE To SATA Adapter

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Good product

Submitted on Saturday, July 14, 2018
By Graham
From Edmonton

Strengths of the product

Gives new life to your old PATA computer, allowing you to connect faster and cheaper SATA drives. I connected an SSD drive, and boot times dropped from 1:47 to 0:45. Overall performance is vastly improved. Mac compatible. Have installed these adapters in 3 different G4 Macs (Sawtooth, MDD FW800, and G4 iMac). LEDs give connection feedback. Red light signals power connection, and the green light signals an active connection to your drive.

Weaknesses of the product

For the price, it should include a power cable for the drive (Molex-to-SATA power adapter). You will need to buy one separately. This means the adapter and your drive will take up 2 power connections in your computer. Carefully consider the space in your computer for the adapter as it mounts perpendicular to your mother board, and the cables that connect it to the drive will need at least another inch above that to avoid bending the adapter card, or the mb socket. There are other similar, smaller adapters that connect an SATA drive directly to the ATA ribbon cable that provide more mounting flexibility.

Additional Comments

Would buy again.

It actually works

Submitted on Monday, October 16, 2017
By Jared
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

it actually does what it says. Can connect SATA I, II or even an SSD to an old IDE motherboard.

Weaknesses of the product

Be better if the package was more steamlined to not be so 'floppy' in the 44 pin connector. sticks perpendicular from the motherboard. Care must be taken not to accidentally bend it over. Consider plugging everything into it first, then plugging it into the 44 pin IDE socket. A little pricey.

Additional Comments

Have an old 266 FSB, AMD XP 1800+ processor, Gigabyte GA-7ZX motherboard. used a Kingston 120 gig SSD for the upgrade from the old IDE drive. Hooked up power (Floppy drive plug), put in the SATA data plug, and then carefully plugged it into the motherboard. Now it's running Lubuntu 17.04 just fine.
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