Startech Desktop Anti-Static Mat, 24in x 26in

MX1966 Desktop Anti-Static Mat, 24in x 26in
MX1966 Desktop Anti-Static Mat, 24in x 26in

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Saturday, December 16, 2017
By: Jmac
From: Calgary

Its ok but...


Looks like an ok mat. Will not be using it though.


The cord that came with it is not what was advertised.

Additional Comments:

Will end up returning it since I really only wanted any ESD mat with the cord that it was advertised with. This was to be used as a secondary mat for me, but it is useless. Quite disappointed.
Tuesday, December 02, 2014
By: Proteus
From: Edmonton

Works great for me, and my cats


Solid build, rubberized mat. Remember to always plug it into the same power source as the device you ground to. Avoid ground loops if you have multiple power sources.


Short ground cord

Additional Comments:

I've lived most of my life with static, and my cats don't help. The low humidity of Edmonton I kept grounding out on my monitor/keyboard, add to that my Cats constantly walk all over the desk. Both my cats were like Emperor Palpatine Firing static lightning bolts from their paws. I placed the mat under my keyboard and had it extended to the edge of my desk. So every time I sit down my palms rest on it, and or my Dark Sith Lords cats step all over it. Grounding Success.
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