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  • MX19568 S-120 2.0 Speaker System

S-120 2.0 Speaker System

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3/22/2018 8:48:54 PM
Snow from Calgary writes:
They create sound and look alright.
$20 for short cords that barely reach the plug and computer. Also if the video you are watching has arse recording quality these things make it sound 3x as arse. I was using the hdmi to my tv for speakers and finally said screw it for $20 I'll just go buy something... I might try and exchange these for something a bit nicer if possible.
I really wouldn't recommend buying them but hey they work. If I got them for $10 as the people posted before me I wouldn't even care, this would be a 5 star review. $20 seems excessive, I would possibly opt for the creative speaker memory express sells or chuck in a bit more cash to try something else.

Cheap, but at little lacking

3/19/2015 4:00:15 PM
Henry from Vancouver writes:
The best two things about these speakers are that they are cheap, and they give you average sound quality--basically, they're worth your money. They're small and fit easily on a crowded desk surface, and the wires are a good length
The quality leaves a bit more to be desired. My speakers have lasted almost exactly a year and a half from when I first got them. I haven't dropped them, pulled their wires, or abused them in anyway, and one day suddenly the right speaker stopped working and I can't seem to fix it. Even though it's only $20, I was expecting them to last a bit longer.
Good speakers for what they're worth, but be wary of the quality--you might need new speakers sooner than you think.


11/21/2014 8:18:44 PM
Cody from Calgary writes:
Logitech brand name is VERY reputable when it comes to computer gaming accessories. The build quality is top notch. Almost pushes these speakers to the realm of commercial grade gear. Very simple. plug in the power plug in the audio wire, turn the knob and you're done. This is perfect. if you are looking for a dead simple speaker set for your computer for the lowest price around...just grab these...I don't even have room to list all the high quality aspects....
None. the cost is great, the cord length is great, the sound is fine for how much your paying....the strain relief on the cable as it enters the speakers is good enough for a home setting...... There really is no stand out weaknesses...
if you need 20 dollar speakers...just get these....it doesn't get any better for 20 bucks.

Cheap Speakers

4/3/2014 11:29:56 AM
Trevor from Winnipeg writes:
low price and well built for the price - If you need a set of basic speakers for your pc and your sitting right in front of them, then these ones will not break the bank. mine have fallen off the desk a couple of times and no sign of damage from landing on the hardwood floor.
sound qualiy and volume is adequet at best for web surfing, checking emails, ect. - range of sound is limited and distorts dramatily at max volume. even max volume is not very loud. - not ideal for Music.
do not expect to fill a room with clean sound. i bought these for my son's room. at least i do not have to worry about him disturbing the rest of the house with his music. Sound quality is very poor at high volume. but they are cheap and it's hard to have to high expectations at this price.

Logitech S-120 2.0 Speaker System

7/5/2010 4:01:45 PM
Tikka from Calgary writes:
Great sound for $9.99. Works in Windows 7. Transformer is built in to the right speaker so the power cable doesn't take up more space on the power bar.
I replaced a pair of ArtDio that didn't work in Windows 7 with these, and they're great.

funny speakers

5/22/2008 12:03:10 PM
Captain Hook from Calgary writes:
Lol they are only 10 dollars. 10 DOLLARS
They sound like 10 dollar speakers.
A 10 dollar way to get sound.
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