Memory Express Assemble Hardware [Premium Plus]

MX1703 Assemble Hardware [Premium Plus]
MX1703 Assemble Hardware [Premium Plus]

Product Info

Purchasing a computer?

Get the perfect system with no compromises when you visit a memoryexpress Sales Professional in-store and get a custom system built to order, or configure it yourself with our System Configurator! You choose and pay for the parts and have Memory Express assemble it for you!

Our premium plus hardware assembly option includes all the same care and rigourous testing as our standard assembly option but also includes work needed for complex & specialty builds.

This includes any reverse builds or systems with liquid coolers (AIO), and/or any combination of three or more of the following: 3rd party coolers, custom lighting, RGB fan kits, lighting controller installations, and multiple drives / RAID configurations.

You choose and pay for the parts and we'll build it for you!


Our experienced technical staff will:

  • Properly mount CPU, memory and heat sink/fan onto the motherboard and connect wires as needed
  • Assemble and install all hardware including AIO liquid coolers & extra cosmetic hardware (fans/lights/etc.)
  • Includes extra work required to configure and set up reverse builds
  • Update the onboard BIOS to the most recent version with no known issues
  • Optimize BIOS settings and memory timings to ensure maximum performance and stability.
  • Confirm CPU, Memory and all hardware are correctly identified by the motherboard and are functioning properly
  • Neatly fold and tuck all cabling and wiring away to ensure the best airflow
  • Run memory diagnostics to ensure hardware stability (30mins ~ 1 hr)
  • Perform final inspection of all hardware and cabling for proper assembly and functionality without OS