Memory Express Assemble Hardware + Load O/S

MX1617 Assemble Hardware + Load O/S
MX1617 Assemble Hardware + Load O/S

Product Info

Purchasing a computer?

Get the perfect system with no compromises when you visit a memoryexpress Sales Professional in-store and get a custom system built to order, or configure it yourself with our System Configurator! You choose and pay for the parts/software and have Memory Express assemble it and install the OS (Operating System) for you!


Our experienced technical staff will:

  • Properly mount CPU, memory and heat sink/fan onto the motherboard and connect wires as needed
  • Assemble and install all hardware
  • Update the onboard BIOS to the most recent version with no known issues
  • Optimize BIOS settings and memory timings to ensure maximum performance and stability.
  • Confirm CPU, Memory and all hardware are correctly identified by the motherboard and are functioning properly
  • Setup RAID configuration as requested
  • Install the purchased / provided operating system with the latest Service Pack
    • Install the latest drivers with no known issues for all hardware
    • Install all Windows Updates with the latest patches and updates.
  • Stress test system under 100% CPU usage for 2 hours minimum
  • Neatly fold and tuck all cabling and wiring away to ensure the best airflow
  • Perform inspection of all hardware and cabling for proper assembly and functionality with OS
  • Thorough test of all hardware functionalities include:
    • CD Writer: Burn/Verify a data CD
    • DVD Drive: Test DVD movie playback to ensure a smooth and accurate experience
    • CD Audio: Test audio CD playback
    • USB / Firewire: Test all USB / Firewire Ports
    • Sound: Test audio output, including multi-channel output and front audio output (when applicable)
    • Video: Test both 2D and 3D Graphics performance. Test dual display output (when applicable)
    • Modem: Verify connectivity / Fax
    • Network Card: Verify connectivity / data transfer
  • Removal of all temporary files and preparation of system for initial startup by end-user