PNY PICO Neo 3 Pro Eye VR Headset w/ Dual 6DoF Controllers, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, ANDROID 10, White

MX00129976 PICO Neo 3 Pro Eye VR Headset w/ Dual 6DoF Controllers, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, ANDROID 10, White
MX00129976 PICO Neo 3 Pro Eye VR Headset w/ Dual 6DoF Controllers, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, ANDROID 10, White

Product Info


PNY PICO Neo 3 Pro Eye VR Headset System

Launching with major PICO system software upgrades, the Neo 3 provides users a high performance/low cost VR product for all commercial applications. Featuring the industry standard XR2 chipset, near 4K resolution, 90Hz refresh rate, hand-tracking, and industry leading 6 DoF controller and HMD tracking algorithms, Neo 3 achieves superior performance at an attractive price point.




Industry Standard XR2 Platform

  • CPU & GPU:
    The SnapdragonTM XR2 processor with 256GB storage and 6GB LPDDR4X RAM which provides industry standard performance and a smooth user experience

PICO Patented Optical Positioning Algorithm

  • Minimal Motion Discomfort:
    Neo 3 implements a custom SLAM algorithm to capture real-time spatial data which keeps the delay lower than 2ms and ground monitoring error less than 10mm. See-through mode opens automatically when the user leaves the play boundary
  • 6DoF Controller Positioning:
    Infrared optical tracking improves accuracy, especially during low light or other sub-optimal light environments

Signature Counter Balance Design

  • Ergonomic Design:
    Neo 3 feels light and comfortable around the head with its softstrap that connects a front HMD and a rear battery pack
  • Eye Glasses Friendly: Neo 3 is designed to accommodate the use of glasses without any additional pressure on the face, increasing accessibility for users that require prescription glasses

Open And Modern Development Environment

  • Application Development:
    Compatible with the newest version of all major development environments with PICO SDK: Unity v2.3 Unreal v2.3, OpenXR v2.2, WebXR
  • Brand New UI Design:
    With the latest OS, Neo 3 provides a more friendly UI to enable users to interact with the operating system at ease, especially those with no previous VR experience
  • Application Stability:
    Optimizes application compatibility, endurance performance, and improves application freezing bugs
  • Casting Upgrades:
    No device limits, users can cast the PICO screen to a smartTV, browser, smartphone easily
  • System Experience:
    Full Android developer setting and PICO Lab features to be able to easily customize Neo 3 to meet your requirements for any operating environment
  • Built-In PICO Business Suite:
    For advanced customization, administrators can leverage the built-in Pico Business Suite to enable extra settings and configurations for system functions. Features include customizing the homescreen, enabling kiosk mode, and controlling and streaming content among multiple devices

Security And Trust

  • Hardware and System Security:
    SoC with ARM Trustzone technology and enhanced kernel security
  • Device-Side Data Security:
    PICO OS supports all encryption protocols designed for Android, and provides computing and algorithm security
  • Online Service And Data Security:
    Infrastructure, data transmission and storage security enable stable online service
  • Decided Customer Service Team:
    Clear policies, procedures and requirements are set up to manage upgrade patches and incident responses

Additional Information:

Visit the Manufacturer Product Web Page for Full Details

Download the Manufacturer Spec Sheet

Download the Manufacturer PICO Neo 3 Series Comparison Sheet



Make and Model PNY PICO Neo 3 Pro Eye VR Headset
Part Number PHS-N3-PE1018580
Color White
Compute Platform  
CPU Qualcomm XR2, Kryo 585, 8 Core Processor(4x A77 Cores, 4x A55 Cores, 64 bit, 2.84GHz, 7nm
GPU Adreno 650, 587MHz
ROM 256GB UFS 3.0
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 6, 2x2 MIMO, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax, 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual band, Support Miracast and Wireless streaming PC Steam VR games
Wireless Bluetooth v5.1+ HS
OS Android 10
Display Type Single 139.7mm (5.5in) SFR TFT Display
Resolution 3,664 x 1,920, 773ppi
Refresh Rate 72Hz / 90Hz (Future Extension: 120Hz)
FOV 98°
Lens Material Fresnel, PMMA
Eye Protection TUV low bluelight certificated, selectable in settings
Myopia Adjustment No physical adjustment, glasses compatible
IPD Adjustment Optical Compatible: 55 ~ 71mm
Hedset 9 Axis Sensor 1KHz sample rate
Headset P-Sensor Wearing detection for screen sleep power saving
Environment Camera 4x Fish-Eye Monochrome Cameras (640 x 480 @ 60Hz)
FOV: 166°
Eye Tracking  
Eye Tracking Cameras 2x Monochrome Cameras (400 x 400 @ 90Hz)
Headset Totally new in-house, inside-out room scale tracking with millimeter-level tracking algorithm (more stable and more robust for complicated user home environments; improved tracking accuracy; faster safety area recovery); guardian system (larger range to support 10m x 10m); more realistic stereo vision, improved natural and smooth see-through feature; Up to 5 recordable play areas with faster recovery speed
Controller 2x 6DoF Motion Controllers, within 1.2m from combination of Headset camera FOV: H238°, V195°
Hands Gesture 28DoF Tracking, supports 5 kinds of Gesture
Voice Dual Mic noise reduction and echo cancellation
Headset Keys Power APP (Back) / Confirm / Home / Volume Up / Volume Down
Design And Ergonomics  
Straps Adaptive top strap adjustment, easy and fast to wear

Hard headband rotates so user can fit glasses with ease and adjust with a single hand

Face Cushion Replaceble 3D PU Sterilizable Face Cushion, antifouling and washable
Thermal Includes silent cooling fan, breathable air flow designed to reduce fogging
Ergonomics Reasonable front HMD and rear battery pack ergonomics design, more comfortable face experience; compatible with adults and kids, Asian, European, and American headsize
Microphone Omnidirectional dual microphones w/ up to 30dB environment noise reduction, and 50dB echo cancellation for clear voice application
Speakers 360° Surrounding Stereo Speakers
Supports 3D Spatial Effects
Audio lower to 600Hz
I/O Interface USB 3.0 (Requires USB 3.0 data cable, bundle is USB 2.0 data cable)
5V/1A OTG extendable power supply
USB 3.0 OTG extendable (Requires adaptor cable)
DP Output feature
Supports USB DP to HDMI converter to connect and show VR content on Display or TV

Customized DP Interface (USB Type-C Like):
Optional Customized 5 meters long DP 1.3 Cable connect VR headset to PC to experience native 4K @ 90Hz Stream VR contents

Support 3rd party stereo headphone, compatible with American and European standard audio jack
LED Indicator 1x 3 Color LED indicates power on/off and charging status
VR Controllers LED Indicator: Three color LED to indicate power on/off and charging status
Tracking Technology: Infared
Tracking Accuracy: < 10mm (Within 1.2m from headset)
Tracking Latency: < 20ms
Sensor: Infrared sensors, 6 axis sensors (Gyroscope Accelerator)
Wireless: Bluetooth v5.1
LNA Motor: Up to 1G vibration linear motors
Keys: Joystick / Trigger / Grip / APP (Back) / Home/ X/Y (Left hand) / A/B (Right hand)
LED Indicator: Three color LED to indicate power on/off and pairing status
Battery Two AA dry batteries, up to 100h battery life
Battery Cover Accessory extendable via battery case connector pins
Lanyard Bundle
Battery Headset:
Battery Capacity: 5300mAh
Battery Life:
Videos: 3 hours
Gaming: 2.5 hours

Battery: 2x AA Batteries, up to 100h battery life
Battery Cover: Accessory extendable via battery case connector pins

Dimensions & Weight  
Dimensions (LxWxH) Headset: 190 x 135 x 112mm
Weight Headset without Headstraps: 370g
Total: 640g

Package Contents

  • 1x PNY PICO Neo 3 Pro Eye VR Headset
  • 2x PNY PICO Neo 3 Controllers
  • 1x Face Foam
  • 2x Controller Lanyards
  • 1x External AC Power Adapter
  • 1x USB Type-C Cable
  • 1x USB Type-A 2.0 Data Cable
  • 1x User Guide