TP-Link Archer AX95 AX7800 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Router

MX00125143 Archer AX95 AX7800 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Router
MX00125143 Archer AX95 AX7800 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Router MX00125143 Archer AX95 AX7800 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Router MX00125143 Archer AX95 AX7800 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Router

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Archer AX95 AX7800 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 Router – Faster. Broader. Unstoppable.

Combining tri-band WiFi with high-tech WiFi 6, Archer AX95 provides eight simultaneous data streams to deliver speeds up to 7.8 Gbps, achieving higher efficiency and lower congestion.

This Wi-Fi 6 router lets you connect more devices with faster tri-band speeds while reducing lag. The powerful Quad-core CPU provides a smoother and truly immersive streaming or gaming experience while the five Ethernet ports let you create fast, reliable wired connections. Your devices will also enjoy stronger, more reliable coverage, keeping weak signals at bay.

  • Faster AX7800 Tri-Band Wi-Fi -  Up to 7780 Mbps: 4804 Mbps + 2402 Mbps + 574 Mbps
  • Ultra Connectivity - 1x 2.5 Gbps WAN/LAN port + 1x 1 Gbps WAN/LAN port + 3x Gigabit LAN ports and 2x USB ports
  • Maximized Coverage -  8x High gain Antennas equipped with Beamforming ensure vast coverage
  • More Devices with Less Lag -  OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology deliver data to multiple devices, simultaneously
  • Powerful CPU - 1.5 GHz Quad-Core Processor ensures fast transmission speeds and smooth operation of numerous devices and applications
  • TP-Link HomeShield -  Enhanced security defends against the latest cyber threats
  • Refined Security - WPA3 reinforces Wi-Fi encryption and guest network for improved security


Upgrade Your Wi-Fi to 6: Ideal for Your Latest Phones and Laptops

The new generation of phones - such as iPhone 11, Galaxy Note 10, and Galaxy S10 - and laptops already support Wi-Fi 6, with many more on the way. Your router should, too. Wi-Fi 6 holds great promise to future-proof your home network for the next several years. Now is the best time to embrace this new technology.

Powerful and Exquisite

Combining Tri-band Wi-Fi with high-tech Wi-Fi 6, Archer AX95 provides eight simultaneous data streams to open up more bandwidth and help your devices operate at full speed. Eight high gain antennas not only deliver boosted Wi-Fi signals to every corner of your home, but also bring a sense of aesthetics.

Go Faster: Multi-Gig Wired Connections

In addition to stunning wireless speeds of more than 7.8 Gbps, AX95 also provides premium wired connections. A 2.5 Gbps and a 1 Gbps WAN port make full use of gigabit speeds from your local ISP. Break through the 1Gb bottleneck and drive your devices to peak performance. WAN/LAN support gives you remarkable flexibility to tailor both ports to fit your network’s needs.

Powerful Processing with High Speed RAM

An advanced Broadcom™ chipset and high speed memory empowers AX95’s tri-band structure. Enjoy fast connections and minimal latency even under the heaviest of transmission loads.

Boosted WiFi Coverage Throughout Your Home

With 8× high-performance antennas, you know the AX95 boosts WiFi signals throughout your home. Beamforming technology detects devices and concentrates signals towards them, especially in hard-to-reach areas to increase signal strength.

Massively Expanded Device Capacity

The number of IoT devices today creates greater demands on home WiFi. Archer AX95 future-proofs your home network with a higher capacity of up to 200+ devices, providing fast WiFi to all your devices.

TP-Link OneMesh™: Flexibly Create Whole Home Wi-Fi with Archer AX95

OneMesh™ is a simple way to form a mesh network with a single WiFi name for seamless whole home coverage. Just connect a OneMesh™ range extender to a OneMesh™ router. No more searching for a stable connection.

Learn More about OneMesh™

TP-Link HomeShield: Advanced Security for Your Everyday Devices

With TP-Link HomeShield, enjoy advanced secuirty features delivering a safe environment that protects your family and network's data and privacy.

Learn More about HomeShield

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System Requirements

  • Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox 12.0+, Chrome 20.0+, Safari 4.0+, or other JavaScript-enabled browser
  • Cable or DSL Modem (As required)
  • Subscription with an Internet Service Provider (for internet access)


Make and Model TP-Link Archer AX7800 Tri-Band 8-Stream Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router
Part Number ARCHER AX95
Colour Black
Processor 1.7GHz Quad-Core Processor
Standards 2.4 GHz: IEEE 802.11ax/n/b/g
5 GHz: IEEE 802.11ax/ac/n/a
Connectivity 1x 2.5 Gbps WAN/LAN port
1x 1 Gbps WAN/LAN port
3x 1 Gbps LAN ports

1x USB 3.0 Type-A port
1x USB 2.0 Type-A port

MIMO Configuration 4x4 MU-MIMO
Simultaneously communicates with multiple MU-MIMO clients
Wi-Fi Speeds Tri band:
2.4 GHz: 574 Mbps (802.11ax)
5 GHz1: 4,804 Mbps (802.11ax, HE160)
5 GHz2: 2,402 Mbps (802.11ax)
Modes Router Mode
Access Point Mode
Wireless Security WPA
WPA/WPA2-Enterprise (802.1x)
Network Security SPI Firewall
Access Control
IP & MAC Binding
Application Layer Gateway
HomeShield Security
Antenna Type 8x Fixed high-performance antennas
Multiple Antennas form a signal-boosting array to cover more directions and large areas more effectively
Buttons LED On/Off Button
WPS Button
Wi-Fi On/Off Button
Power On/Off Button
Reset Button
Environmentals Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 40° C
Operating Humidity: 10 ~ 90% RH, Non-Condensing
Certs CE
Power External AC Adapter
Output: 12Vdc @ 3.3A, 39.6W
Dimensions 277 x 184 x 57.3mm
Weight N/A