Zowie EC2-CW Medium Wireless Mouse -Black

MX00124389 EC2-CW Medium Wireless Mouse -Black
MX00124389 EC2-CW Medium Wireless Mouse -Black MX00124389 EC2-CW Medium Wireless Mouse -Black MX00124389 EC2-CW Medium Wireless Mouse -Black MX00124389 EC2-CW Medium Wireless Mouse -Black

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Thursday, May 11, 2023
By: Khen
From: Winnipeg

Extremely good


-Clicks -Side Buttons -Scroll Wheel -Extemely grippy matte coating -Enhanced Receiver/Charging Dock -Sturdy build quality -Great Battery Life -Flawless Performance


-Price -Matte coating is a fingerprint magnet

Additional Comments:

after maining the DAV3 Pro for months I finally got the opportunity to buy an EC2-CW here in Canada. Alot of people are telling me that no Khen don't buy that it's very expensive and the sensor is old no motion sync etc etc it's not worth it. After using the EC2-CW I can say that my experience is extremely positive. Clicks and side buttons top tier, scroll wheel is very good, the matte coating is sensational and is way better than DAV3's coarse/sandpaper like texture. Shape is also a big factor since this mouse is much better for my 19x10 relaxed grip. I personally believe that the EC2-CW is built to last compared to the DAV3 Pro. My first copy was a dud and my 2nd copy is starting to show some minor flex and encoder is randomly actuating ( I have jump binded on my scroll wheel) The 77g weight seems to be perfect and is light enough for me. I would rather use a mouse that will last for a very long time as opposed to something that is extremely light and the build quality is compromised. Performance is also flawless with the enhanced receiver. I really have no complaints but perhaps the option to not get the enhanced receiver to lower the price since the mouse came with a receiver extender dongle and the cable is very light and flexible.
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