Thrustmaster TM Flying Clamp Flight Clamp

MX00123812 TM Flying Clamp Flight Clamp
MX00123812 TM Flying Clamp Flight Clamp MX00123812 TM Flying Clamp Flight Clamp MX00123812 TM Flying Clamp Flight Clamp

Product Info


The TM Flying Clamp is the first mounting system specially designed by Thrustmaster for its flight simulation accessories. Bring comfortable and realistic control to your flight simulator setup with the TM Flying Clamp from Thrustmaster. Designed to accommodate a throttle or joystick for more realistic flight simulation, this clamp mount can be used with left- or right-handed controls.

  • Sturdy structure - Solid, secure and 100% metal
  • Ambidextrous - For either left or right-handed use
  • Non-slip feet - To protect the surface of the desk / table
  • Quickly removable - Won't be in your way when not using


Adjustable for Optimal Comfort

The TM Flying Clamp can be adapted for every type of flight simulation game, without the need for a cockpit. You can place it at exactly the right spot on the desk or table, and adjust a device’s positioning (height and depth): make sure that your accessories are right where you want them to be.

Stable, Secure and Solidly Built

The TM Flying Clamp features two clamping screws for secure, easy mounting on a desk or table. Its 100% metal structure ensures excellent stability under all circumstances. The tightening wheels on the clamping screws let you attach the TM Flying Clamp to a desk or table from 0.6–1.8 inches / 15–45 mm thick.

Compatible with the TCA and T.16000M FCS Product Ranges

The TM Flying Clamp is compatible with the TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition, TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition (+ TCA Quadrant Add-On Airbus Edition), T.16000M FCS joystick, and TWCS (Thrustmaster Weapon Control System) throttle.

Additional Information:

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  • TCA Airbus
  • T.16000M FCS products
  • Desktop gaming


Product THRUSTMASTER TM Flying Clamp
Part Number 4060174
Colour Black
Material(s) Metal, Plastic
Dimensions (WxHxD) 8.7" x 9.2" x 15.4" (220 x 233 x 390 mm)
Weight 4.6 lbs. (2.1kg)

Package Contents

  • THRUSTMASTER TM Flying Clamp w/
    • 4-Piece Mounting System
    • 2 x Clamping Screws
    • 10 x M6 Screws
    • 3 x M3 Screws
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Warranty Information