Playseat Challenge ActiFit Foldable Racing Chair

MX00122922 Challenge ActiFit Foldable Racing Chair
MX00122922 Challenge ActiFit Foldable Racing Chair MX00122922 Challenge ActiFit Foldable Racing Chair MX00122922 Challenge ActiFit Foldable Racing Chair MX00122922 Challenge ActiFit Foldable Racing Chair

Product Info

Playseat Challenge ActiFit Racing Chair

Enjoy thrill-a-second racing with the super-compact Playseat® Challenge. Crucial detail if you live with not-so-patient non-racers: It folds up and out of the way in seconds. Sure, the Playseat® Challenge has a compact design which makes it ideal for small spaces. That doesn't mean we've skimped on providing you with big-time real-race thrills. This racing seat gives you a wide choice of racing positions — upright GT or rally body stance to the low-flung F1 race position. This chair is your authentic racing cockpit, and the super-comfy seat is your ticket to challenge your endurance record.

  • Unique foldable design
  • Stable and sturdy frame
  • It's fully adjustable
  • Multiple racing positions (GT, rally or F1)
  • Suitable for both children and adults
  • It's quick-and-easy to assemble
  • Durable construction with the best materials
  • It's compatible with all steering wheels and pedals (Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec, etc.)
  • It works with all consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.), PC and Mac


Experience how fun and realistic racing at home can be

The Playseat® Challenge is designed to help you take your first step to online racing greatness. It's time to make the move. When you take your steering wheel from desk to racing seat, expect big-track thrills. It deftly replicates a racing cockpit, so you just need to add the adrenaline when you get settled in the seat. Also, it can handle any racing position you pick. Go upright GT stance or maybe stick with the F1. Whichever you go with, the seat's comfortable enough for marathon sessions. Maybe take it as a personal challenge. How long can you stay completely locked in to the race? The results may surprise you. And when you're done, it folds and fits in small spaces. Perfect.

Unique foldable design

You can store your Playseat® Challenge in small spaces thanks to its unique foldable design, and you don't even have to remove the wheel and pedal set.

Sturdy frame

If you're going to feel absolutely every inch of the race track you're flying down at break-neck speeds, you need a rock-solid frame behind you helping you feel every bit of the force feedback from the wheel

Fully adjustable

The Playseat® Challenge is fully adjustable and suitable for children and adults alike. To keep all of your friends happy, you can easily switch between a variety of driver positions. Just get acquainted to the velcro straps and quick adjustment knobs and you're all set. While you're at it, you should customise the pedal plate and steering wheel plate to suit your needs and any young racer who's losing patience saying, "my turn, my turn" over and over.

Additional Information:

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Make and Model Playseat Challenge ActiFit Racing Chair
Part Number RC.00312
Color Black
Editon Black ActiFit
Includes steering wheel and pedals No
Foldable Yes
Suitable for direct drive steering wheels No
Suitable for Racing
Racing Type Formally, Rally, GT, All
Plug&Play Yes
Recommended drivers length min 120 max 220 cm
Recommended drivers weight min 20 max 122 kg
Dimensions 27 x 54 x 124 cm
Weight 8.5 kg