Asus ROG 100W USB-C Power Adapter for Laptops

MX00122367 ROG 100W USB-C Power Adapter for Laptops
MX00122367 ROG 100W USB-C Power Adapter for Laptops MX00122367 ROG 100W USB-C Power Adapter for Laptops

Product Info

ROG 100W AC Adapter Designed for ASUS Laptops

ASUS notebook power adapters keep you going and charged wherever and whenever you need it most. Keep notebook batteries topped up via any compatible power outlet, or even work continuously without the battery from AC Power.

With an extra adapter, you can leave one at home and bring another to the office for an easier and less cluttered commute. Additional power adapters for your notebook mean you're always prepared and charged, whether at home, the office, or on the road.


  • Complies with worldwide health and safety regulations
  • Keep an extra adapter at home and at the office without carrying it with you
  • Use an a replacement or a spare power adapter
  • Adapter outputs DC 5.0V/9.0V/15.0V/20.0V @ 3.0A, 100W for premium ASUS laptops
  • Compact design
  • Tested and adheres to strict ASUS quality standards

Additional Information:

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Compatible with these Laptops:

  • C424MA, C425TA, CM1400FXA, CM3200FM1A, CX1101CMA, CX1500CKA, CX3400FMA, CX9400CEA, CZ1000DVA, B5302CEA, B5302FEA, GV301RA, GV301RC, GV301RE, GZ301ZA, GZ301ZC, GZ301ZE, CR1100FKA, C433TA, C436FA, CX5500FEA, GV301QC, GV301QE, UM425QA, UM425UAZ, UX425EA, UM425IA, UX363EA, UX371EA, UX482EA, UX482EG, UX393EA, UX435EAL, UX435EG, UX325EA, UM425UA, GV301QH, GA503IM, GA503IE, GA503IC, GA503QE, GA503QC, G513IC, G513IM, G513IR, G533QM, G533QS, G513IE, G713IE, G713IM, G733QM, G713IR, G533QR, G713IC, GA401IC, GA401IE, GA401QE, GX703HM, GX703HR, G713QY, GA401QH, GU603HE, GA401IHR, G713QH, G713IH, G513QH, C214MA, B9400CEA, UX393JA, UX425JA, C403NA, B9450FA, C202XA, T103HAF, UX370UA, B9440UA, B9450CEA, C203XA, C204EE, C204MA, C213SA, C223NA, C302CA, C423NA, C434TA, C523NA, C536EA, CM3000DVA, CM3200FVA, CM5500FDA, CT100PA, CX1100CNA, CX1400CNA, CX1500CNA, G513QY_ER_SMP, GX502GV, Q408UG, S435EA, T102HA, UX325JA, UX363JA, UX391FA, UX490UA, T3300KA, UM3402YA, UM5302TA, UM5401QA, UM5401UA, UN5401QA, UN5401UA, UP5401EA, UX325SA, UX325UAZ, UX3402ZA, UX392FA, UX392FN, UX425IA, UX425QA, UX425SA, UX425UA, UX425UAZ, UX425UG, UX435EA, UX435EGL, UX5400EA, UX5400EG, UX5400ZB, UX5401EA, UX5401EAJ, UX5401ZA, UX5401ZAJ, X435EA


Product ASUS ROG 100W USB-C Power Adapter
Part Number 90XB077N-MPW040 (AC100-00(A20-100P1A))
Colour Black
Total Output 100W
DC Plug USB Type-C
Input Voltage 100 ~ 240Vac, 50/60Hz @ 1.6A
Output Voltage DC 5.0V / 3.0A
DC 9.0V / 3.0A
DC 15.0V / 3.0A
DC 20.0V / 5.0A
Cable Length Output cable: 160cm
Power cord: 90cm
Dimensions Approx. 75 x 75 x 28.8 mm
Weight Approx. 293g

Package Contents

  • Asus ROG 100W USB-C Notebook Power Adapter
  • Power Cord (Included according to different countries)
  • User's Information